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Genus Index Page

Sooner Plant Farm offers for sale over 450 plant genera and over 5000 plant varieties. We specialize in shipping high quality containerized plants across the continental US.  

Genus Common Family
Abelia Abelia Caprifoliaceae (Linnaeaceae) [+] View All Abelia Varieties
Abies Fir Pinaceae [+] View All Abies Varieties
Acacia Acacia Fabaceae [+] View All Acacia Varieties
Acer Maple Sapindaceae / Aceraceae [+] View All Acer Varieties
Acer ginnala Maple Sapindaceae / Aceraceae [+] View All Acer ginnala Varieties
Acer platanoides Maple Sapindaceae / Aceraceae [+] View All Acer platanoides Varieties
Acer pseudoplatanus Maple Sapindaceae / Aceraceae [+] View All Acer pseudoplatanus Varieties
Acer tataricum Maple Sapindaceae / Aceraceae [+] View All Acer tataricum Varieties
Achillea Yarrow Asteraceae [+] View All Achillea Varieties
Aconitum Monkshood Ranunculaceae [+] View All Aconitum Varieties
Acorus Sweet Flag Acoraceae [+] View All Acorus Varieties
Actaea Bugbane Ranunculaceae [+] View All Actaea Varieties
Adenophora Ladybells Asteraceae [+] View All Adenophora Varieties
Adina Chinese Buttonbush Rubiaceae [+] View All Adina Varieties
Aegopodium Bishop's Weed Apiaceae [+] View All Aegopodium Varieties
Aesculus Buckeye / Horsechestnut Sapindaceae [+] View All Aesculus Varieties
Agapanthus Lily of the Nile Amarylidaceae [+] View All Agapanthus Varieties
Agastache Hyssop Lamiaceae [+] View All Agastache Varieties
Ajuga Ajuga Lamiaceae [+] View All Ajuga Varieties
Akebia Chocolate Vine Lardizabalaceae [+] View All Akebia Varieties
Albizia Mimosa / Silk Tree Fabaceae [+] View All Albizia Varieties
Alcea Hollyhock Malvaceae [+] View All Alcea Varieties
Alchemilla Lady's Mantle Rosaceae [+] View All Alchemilla Varieties
Allium Ornamental Onion Amaryllidaceae [+] View All Allium Varieties
Alstroemeria Peruvian Lily Alstroemeriaceae [+] View All Alstroemeria Varieties
Amelanchier Serviceberry Rosaceae [+] View All Amelanchier Varieties
Ampelopsis Porcelain Vine Vitaceae [+] View All Ampelopsis Varieties
Amsonia Blue Star Apocynaceae [+] View All Amsonia Varieties
Anchusa Bugloss Boraginaceae [+] View All Anchusa Varieties
Andropogon Big Bluestem Poaceae [+] View All Andropogon Varieties
Androsace Rock Jasmine Primulaceae [+] View All Androsace Varieties
Anemone Anemone Ranunculaceae [+] View All Anemone Varieties
Anthemis Margarite / Chamomile / Dog-Fennel Asteraceae (Compositae) [+] View All Anthemis Varieties
Aquilegia Columbine Ranunculaceae [+] View All Aquilegia Varieties
Aralia Aralia Araliaceae [+] View All Aralia Varieties
Arbutus Strawberry Tree Ericaceae [+] View All Arbutus Varieties
Ardisia Ardisia / Marlberry Primulaceae [+] View All Ardisia Varieties
Arenaria Sandwort Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Arenaria Varieties
Armeria Sea Pink Plumbaginaceae [+] View All Armeria Varieties
Aronia Chokeberry Rosaceae [+] View All Aronia Varieties
Artemisia Wormwood Asteraceae [+] View All Artemisia Varieties
Artemisia vulgaris Wormwood Asteraceae [+] View All Artemisia vulgaris Varieties
Aruncus Goatsbeard Rosaceae [+] View All Aruncus Varieties
Arundo Giant Reed Poaceae [+] View All Arundo Varieties
Asarum Wild Ginger Aristolochiaceae [+] View All Asarum Varieties
Asclepias Butterfly Milkweed Apocynaceae [+] View All Asclepias Varieties
Asimina PawPaw Annonaceae [+] View All Asimina Varieties
Aspidistra Cast Iron Plant Asparagaceae [+] View All Aspidistra Varieties
Aster Aster Asteraceae [+] View All Aster Varieties
Asteromea Mongolian Aster Asteraceae [+] View All Asteromea Varieties
Astilbe Astilbe / False Spiraea Saxifragaceae [+] View All Astilbe Varieties
Astrantia Barrenwort / Great Masterwort Apiaceae [+] View All Astrantia Varieties
Athyrium Fern Athyriaceae [+] View All Athyrium Varieties
Aubrieta Rock Cress Brassicaceae [+] View All Aubrieta Varieties
Aucuba Aucuba Garryaceae [+] View All Aucuba Varieties
Bambusa Bamboo Poaceae [+] View All Bambusa Varieties
Baptisia Wild Indigo / False Indigo Fabaceae [+] View All Baptisia Varieties
Begonia Begonia Begoniaceae [+] View All Begonia Varieties
Belamcanda Blackberry Lily Iridaceae [+] View All Belamcanda Varieties
Bellis Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Bellis Varieties
Bellium Miniature Mat Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Bellium Varieties
Berberis Barberry Berberidaceae [+] View All Berberis Varieties
Berberis thunbergii Barberry Berberidaceae [+] View All Berberis thunbergii Varieties
Bergenia Bergenia Saxifragaceae [+] View All Bergenia Varieties
Betula Birch Betulaceae [+] View All Betula Varieties
Bignonia Cross Vine Bignoniaceae [+] View All Bignonia Varieties
Blechnum Deer Fern Blechnaceae [+] View All Blechnum Varieties
Bletilla Hardy Orchid Orchidaceae [+] View All Bletilla Varieties
Boltonia Boltonia / Doll's Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Boltonia Varieties
Bougainvillea Bougainvillea Nyctaginaceae [+] View All Bougainvillea Varieties
Bouteloua Blue Grama Grass Poaceae [+] View All Bouteloua Varieties
Bouvardia Firecracker Bush Rubiaceae [+] View All Bouvardia Varieties
Brunnera Brunnera / Bugloss Boraginaceae [+] View All Brunnera Varieties
Buddleia Butterfly Bush Scropholariaceae [+] View All Buddleia Varieties
Buddleia davidii Butterfly Bush Scropholariaceae [+] View All Buddleia davidii Varieties
Buddleia x Butterfly Bush Scropholariaceae [+] View All Buddleia x Varieties
Bulbine Rock Lily Xanthorrhoeaceae [+] View All Bulbine Varieties
Buxus Boxwood Buxaceae [+] View All Buxus Varieties
Caladium Caladium Araceae [+] View All Caladium Varieties
Calamagrostis Feather Reed Grass Poaceae [+] View All Calamagrostis Varieties
Calamintha Calamint Lamiaceae [+] View All Calamintha Varieties
Callicarpa Beautyberry Lamiaceae [+] View All Callicarpa Varieties
Callirhoe Poppy Mallow Malvaceae [+] View All Callirhoe Varieties
Calluna Heather / Common Heather Ericaceae [+] View All Calluna Varieties
Caltha Marsh Marigold Ranunculaceae [+] View All Caltha Varieties
Calycanthus Sweetshrub Calycanthaceae [+] View All Calycanthus Varieties
Camellia Camellia Theaceae [+] View All Camellia Varieties
Campanula Bellflower Campanulaceae [+] View All Campanula Varieties
Campsis Trumpet Vine Bignoniaceae [+] View All Campsis Varieties
Canna Canna Cannaceae [+] View All Canna Varieties
Caragana Peashrub Fabaceae [+] View All Caragana Varieties
Carex Sedge Cyperaceae [+] View All Carex Varieties
Carpinus Hornbeam Betulaceae [+] View All Carpinus Varieties
Carya Pecan / Hickory Juglandaceae [+] View All Carya Varieties
Caryopteris Bluebeard / False Spiraea Lamiaceae [+] View All Caryopteris Varieties
Castanea Chestnut Fagaceae [+] View All Castanea Varieties
Catalpa Catalpa Bignoniaceae [+] View All Catalpa Varieties
Ceanothus New Jersey Tea Rhamnaceae [+] View All Ceanothus Varieties
Cedrus Cedar Pinaceae [+] View All Cedrus Varieties
Celastrus Bittersweet Vine Celastraceae [+] View All Celastrus Varieties
Celtis Hackberry Cannabaceae [+] View All Celtis Varieties
Centaurea Bachelor's Button Asteraceae [+] View All Centaurea Varieties
Centranthus Valerian Valerianaceae [+] View All Centranthus Varieties
Cephalanthus Buttonbush Rubiaceae [+] View All Cephalanthus Varieties
Cephalotaxus Plum Yew Cephalotaxaceae [+] View All Cephalotaxus Varieties
Cerastium Snow in Summer Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Cerastium Varieties
Ceratostigma Leadwort Plumbaginaceae [+] View All Ceratostigma Varieties
Cercidphyllum Katsura Tree Cercidphyllaceae [+] View All Cercidphyllum Varieties
Cercis Redbud Fabaceae [+] View All Cercis Varieties
Cestrum Jessamine Solanaceae [+] View All Cestrum Varieties
Chaenomeles Quince Rosaceae [+] View All Chaenomeles Varieties
Chamaecyparis False Cypress Cupressaceae [+] View All Chamaecyparis Varieties
Chasmanthium Sea Oats Grass Poaceae [+] View All Chasmanthium Varieties
Chelone Turtlehead Plantaginaceae [+] View All Chelone Varieties
Chilopsis Desert Willow Bignoniaceae [+] View All Chilopsis Varieties
Chionanthus Fringetree Oleaceae [+] View All Chionanthus Varieties
Chitalpa Chitalpa Bignoniaceae [+] View All Chitalpa Varieties
Cimicifuga Bugbane Ranunculaceae [+] View All Cimicifuga Varieties
Citrus Orange, Lemon, Lime, Satsuma, Grapefruit, etc. Rutaceae [+] View All Citrus Varieties
Clematis Clematis Ranunculaceae [+] View All Clematis Varieties
Clethra Summersweet Clethraceae [+] View All Clethra Varieties
Colocasia Elephant Ear / Taro Araceae [+] View All Colocasia Varieties
Comptomia Sweet Fern Myricaceae [+] View All Comptomia Varieties
Conoclinium (Eupatorium) Mistflower Asteraceae [+] View All Conoclinium (Eupatorium) Varieties
Convallaria Lily of the Valley Asparagaceae [+] View All Convallaria Varieties
Coprosma Mirror Bush Rubiaceae [+] View All Coprosma Varieties
Coreopsis Tickseed Asteraceae [+] View All Coreopsis Varieties
Cornus Dogwood Cornaceae [+] View All Cornus Varieties
Cortaderia Pampas Grass Poaceae [+] View All Cortaderia Varieties
Corydalis Corydalis Papaveraceae [+] View All Corydalis Varieties
Corylopsis Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Corylopsis Varieties
Corylus Filbert / Hazel Betulaceae [+] View All Corylus Varieties
Cotinus Smoketree Anacardiaceae [+] View All Cotinus Varieties
Cotoneaster Cotoneaster Rosaceae [+] View All Cotoneaster Varieties
Cotyledon Pig's Ear Crassulaceae [+] View All Cotyledon Varieties
Crataegus Hawthorn Rosaceae [+] View All Crataegus Varieties
Crocosmia Crocosmia Iridaceae [+] View All Crocosmia Varieties
Cryptomeria Japanese Cedar Cupressaceae [+] View All Cryptomeria Varieties
Cuphea Mexican Heather Lythraceae [+] View All Cuphea Varieties
Cupressocyparis Cypress Cupressaceae [+] View All Cupressocyparis Varieties
Cupressus Cypress Cupressaceae [+] View All Cupressus Varieties
Curcuma Red Stem Ginger Zingiberaceae [+] View All Curcuma Varieties
Cycas Sago Palm Cycadaceae [+] View All Cycas Varieties
Cyclamen Hardy Cyclamen Primulaceae [+] View All Cyclamen Varieties
Cymbopogon Lemon Grass Poaceae [+] View All Cymbopogon Varieties
Cyrtomium Fern Dryopteridaceae [+] View All Cyrtomium Varieties
Cytisus Broom Fabaceae [+] View All Cytisus Varieties
Daphne Daphne Thymelaeaceae [+] View All Daphne Varieties
Davidia Dove Tree, Handkerchief Tree Nyssaceae [+] View All Davidia Varieties
Decumaria Climbing Hydrangea / Woodvamp Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Decumaria Varieties
Delosperma Ice Plant Aizoaceae [+] View All Delosperma Varieties
Delphinium Larkspur Ranunculaceae [+] View All Delphinium Varieties
Deutzia Deutzia Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Deutzia Varieties
Dianthus Dianthus Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Dianthus Varieties
Dicentra Bleeding Heart Papaveraceae [+] View All Dicentra Varieties
Diervilla Bush Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Diervilla Varieties
Digiplexis Digiplexis Plantaginaceae [+] View All Digiplexis Varieties
Digitalis Foxglove Plantaginaceae [+] View All Digitalis Varieties
Diospyros Persimmon Ebenaceae [+] View All Diospyros Varieties
Disanthus Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Disanthus Varieties
Distylium Distylium Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Distylium Varieties
Dryopteris Fern Dryopteridaceae [+] View All Dryopteris Varieties
Echeveria Echeveria Crassulaceae [+] View All Echeveria Varieties
Echibeckia Echibeckia Asteraceae [+] View All Echibeckia Varieties
Echinacea Coneflower Asteraceae [+] View All Echinacea Varieties
Echinops Globe Thistle Asteraceae [+] View All Echinops Varieties
Echium Echium Boraginaceae [+] View All Echium Varieties
Eleagnus Silverberry Elaeagnaceae [+] View All Eleagnus Varieties
Engelmannia Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Engelmannia Varieties
Enkianthus Enkianthus Ericaceae [+] View All Enkianthus Varieties
Ensete Banana Musaceae [+] View All Ensete Varieties
Epilobium Epilobium Onagraceae [+] View All Epilobium Varieties
Epimedium Epimedium Berberidaceae [+] View All Epimedium Varieties
Eragrostis Love Grass Poaceae [+] View All Eragrostis Varieties
Erianthus Hardy Pampas Grass Poaceae [+] View All Erianthus Varieties
Erica Heath Ericaceae [+] View All Erica Varieties
Erigeron Fleabane Asteraceae [+] View All Erigeron Varieties
Eryngium Sea Holly Apiaceae [+] View All Eryngium Varieties
Escallonia Escallonia Escalloniaceae [+] View All Escallonia Varieties
Eucomis Pineapple Lily Asparagaceae [+] View All Eucomis Varieties
Euonymus Euonymus Celastraceae [+] View All Euonymus Varieties
Euonymus alatus Euonymus Celastraceae [+] View All Euonymus alatus Varieties
Euonymus fortunei Euonymus Celastraceae [+] View All Euonymus fortunei Varieties
Eupatorium Joe Pie Weed Asteraceae [+] View All Eupatorium Varieties
Euphorbia Euphorbia Euphorbiaceae [+] View All Euphorbia Varieties
Evodia Evodia Rutaceae [+] View All Evodia Varieties
Exochorda Pearl Bush Rosaceae [+] View All Exochorda Varieties
Fagus Beech Fagaceae [+] View All Fagus Varieties
Fargesia Bamboo Poaceae [+] View All Fargesia Varieties
Fatshedera Fatshedera Araliaceae [+] View All Fatshedera Varieties
Festuca Fescue Grass Poaceae [+] View All Festuca Varieties
Ficus Fig Moraceae [+] View All Ficus Varieties
Forsythia Forsythia Oleaceae [+] View All Forsythia Varieties
Fothergilla Witch Alder Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Fothergilla Varieties
Fragaria Strawberry Rosaceae [+] View All Fragaria Varieties
Franklinia Franklin Tree Theaceae [+] View All Franklinia Varieties
Fraxinus Ash Oleaceae [+] View All Fraxinus Varieties
Gaillardia Blanket Flower Asteraceae [+] View All Gaillardia Varieties
Galium Sweet Woodruff Rubiaceae [+] View All Galium Varieties
Gardenia Gardenia Rubiaceae [+] View All Gardenia Varieties
Gaultheria Wintergreen / Teaberry Ericaceae [+] View All Gaultheria Varieties
Gaura Wand Flower Onagraceae [+] View All Gaura Varieties
Gazania Gazania Asteraceae [+] View All Gazania Varieties
Gelsemium Jessamine Gelsemiaceae [+] View All Gelsemium Varieties
Genista Genista Fabaceae [+] View All Genista Varieties
Geranium Cranesbill / Geranium Geraniaceae [+] View All Geranium Varieties
Gerbera Gerber Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Gerbera Varieties
Geum Geum Rosaceae [+] View All Geum Varieties
Ginkgo Ginkgo Ginkgoaceae [+] View All Ginkgo Varieties
Glandularia Verbena Verbenaceae [+] View All Glandularia Varieties
Gleditsia Honey Locust Fabaceae [+] View All Gleditsia Varieties
Grevillea Grevillea / Spider Flower Proteaceae [+] View All Grevillea Varieties
Gymnocladus Coffeetree Fabaceae [+] View All Gymnocladus Varieties
Gyposphila Baby's Breath Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Gyposphila Varieties
Hakonechloa Japanese Forest Grass Poaceae [+] View All Hakonechloa Varieties
Halesia Silverbell Styraceae [+] View All Halesia Varieties
Hamamelis Witch Hazel Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Hamamelis Varieties
Hebe Hebe Plantaginaceae [+] View All Hebe Varieties
Hedera English Ivy Araliaceae [+] View All Hedera Varieties
Helenium Helen's Flower Asteraceae [+] View All Helenium Varieties
Helianthemum Rock Rose Cistaceae [+] View All Helianthemum Varieties
Helictotrichon Oat Grass Poaceae [+] View All Helictotrichon Varieties
Heliopsis Sunflower Asteraceae [+] View All Heliopsis Varieties
Helleborus Lenton Rose / Hellebore Ranunculaceae [+] View All Helleborus Varieties
Hemerocallis Daylily Xanthorrhoeaceae [+] View All Hemerocallis Varieties
Heptacodium Seven Son Flower Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Heptacodium Varieties
Hesperaloe Red Yucca Asparagaceae [+] View All Hesperaloe Varieties
Heterotheca Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Heterotheca Varieties
Heuchera Coral Bells Saxifragaceae [+] View All Heuchera Varieties
Heucherella Foamy Bells Saxifragaceae [+] View All Heucherella Varieties
Hibiscus Althea / Rose of Sharon / Hardy Hibiscus Malvaceae [+] View All Hibiscus Varieties
Hirpicium Mat Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Hirpicium Varieties
Hosta Hosta / Plantain Lily Hostaceae [+] View All Hosta Varieties
Houttuynia Chameleon Plant Saururaceae [+] View All Houttuynia Varieties
Humulus Hops Cannabaceae [+] View All Humulus Varieties
Hydrangea Hydrangea Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Hydrangea Varieties
Hypericum St. John's Wort Hypericaceae [+] View All Hypericum Varieties
Hypoestes Polka Dot Plant Acanthaceae [+] View All Hypoestes Varieties
Iberis Candytuft Brassicaceae [+] View All Iberis Varieties
Ilex Holly / Winterberry Aquafoliaceae [+] View All Ilex Varieties
Illicium Anise Tree Schisandraceae [+] View All Illicium Varieties
Imperata Japanese Blood Grass Poaceae [+] View All Imperata Varieties
Incarvillea Gloxinia Bignoniaceae [+] View All Incarvillea Varieties
Indigofera Chinese Indigo Fabaceae [+] View All Indigofera Varieties
Ipomoea Sweet Potato Vine Convolvulaceae [+] View All Ipomoea Varieties
Iris Iris Iridaceae [+] View All Iris Varieties
Itea Sweetspire Iteaceae [+] View All Itea Varieties
Jasminum Jasmine Oleaceae [+] View All Jasminum Varieties
Juncus Rush Juncaceae [+] View All Juncus Varieties
Juniperus Juniper Cupressaceae [+] View All Juniperus Varieties
Kalimeris Kalimeris Aster Asteraceae [+] View All Kalimeris Varieties
Kerria Kerria Rosaceae [+] View All Kerria Varieties
Kirengeshoma Yellow Wax Bells Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Kirengeshoma Varieties
Knautia Knautia Dipsacaceae [+] View All Knautia Varieties
Kniphofia Red Hot Poker Xanthorrhoeaceae [+] View All Kniphofia Varieties
Koelreuteria Golden Raintree Sapindaceae [+] View All Koelreuteria Varieties
Kolkwitzia Beauty Bush Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Kolkwitzia Varieties
Laburnum Golden Chain Tree Fabaceae [+] View All Laburnum Varieties
Lagerstroemia Crapemyrtle Lythraceae [+] View All Lagerstroemia Varieties
Lamium Spotted Deadnettle Lamiaceae [+] View All Lamium Varieties
Lantana Lantana Verbenaceae [+] View All Lantana Varieties
Larix Larch Pinaceae [+] View All Larix Varieties
Lavandula Lavender Lamiaceae [+] View All Lavandula Varieties
Leontopodium Edelweiss Asteraceae [+] View All Leontopodium Varieties
Leptodermis Baby Lilac Rubiaceae [+] View All Leptodermis Varieties
Lespedeza Bush Clover Fabaceae [+] View All Lespedeza Varieties
Leucanthemum Shasta Daisy Asteraceae [+] View All Leucanthemum Varieties
Leucophyllum Sage Scrophulariaceae [+] View All Leucophyllum Varieties
Leucothoe Leucothoe Ericaceae [+] View All Leucothoe Varieties
Lewisia Lewisia Portulacaceae [+] View All Lewisia Varieties
Leycesteria Pheasant Berry Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Leycesteria Varieties
Leymus Lyme Grass / Wild Rye Poaceae [+] View All Leymus Varieties
Liatris Gay Feather Asteraceae [+] View All Liatris Varieties
Ligularia Golden Ray / Leopard Plant Asteraceae [+] View All Ligularia Varieties
Ligustrum Privet Oleaceae [+] View All Ligustrum Varieties
Linum Prairie Flax Linaceae [+] View All Linum Varieties
Liquidambar Sweetgum Altingiaceae [+] View All Liquidambar Varieties
Liriodendron Tulip Tree Magnoliaceae [+] View All Liriodendron Varieties
Liriope Liriope / Lilyturf Asparagaceae [+] View All Liriope Varieties
Lithodora Lithodora Boraginaceae [+] View All Lithodora Varieties
Lobelia Cardinal Flower Campanulaceae [+] View All Lobelia Varieties
Lonicera Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Lonicera Varieties
Lonicera japonica Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Lonicera japonica Varieties
Lonicera tatarica Honeysuckle Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Lonicera tatarica Varieties
Loropetalum Fringe Flower Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Loropetalum Varieties
Lupinus Lupine Fabaceae [+] View All Lupinus Varieties
Lychnis Catchfly Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Lychnis Varieties
Lycium Goji Berry Solanaceae [+] View All Lycium Varieties
Lysimachia Creeping Jenny / Moneywort Myrsinaceae [+] View All Lysimachia Varieties
Maackia Maackia Fabaceae [+] View All Maackia Varieties
Magnolia Magnolia Magnoliaceae [+] View All Magnolia Varieties
Mahonia Mahonia Berberidaceae [+] View All Mahonia Varieties
Malus Apple / Crabapple Rosaceae [+] View All Malus Varieties
Malva Mallow Malvaceae [+] View All Malva Varieties
Mandevilla Mandevilla Apocynaceae [+] View All Mandevilla Varieties
Mangave Mangave Asperagaceae [+] View All Mangave Varieties
Matteuccia Ostrich Fern Onocleaceae [+] View All Matteuccia Varieties
Mazus Mazus Mazaceae [+] View All Mazus Varieties
Melnis Ruby Grass Poaceae [+] View All Melnis Varieties
Metasequoia Redwood Cupressaceae [+] View All Metasequoia Varieties
Michelia (Magnolia) Champaca Magnoliaceae [+] View All Michelia (Magnolia) Varieties
Microbiota Siberian Cypress Cupressaceae [+] View All Microbiota Varieties
Miscanthus Maiden Grass Poaceae [+] View All Miscanthus Varieties
Monarda Beebalm Lamiaceae [+] View All Monarda Varieties
Monardella Coyote Mint Lamiaceae [+] View All Monardella Varieties
Morus Mulberry Moraceae [+] View All Morus Varieties
Muehlenbeckia Maidenhair Polygonaceae [+] View All Muehlenbeckia Varieties
Muhlenbergia Muhly Grass Poaceae [+] View All Muhlenbergia Varieties
Mukdenia Mukdenia Saxifragaceae [+] View All Mukdenia Varieties
Mukgenia Mukgenia Saxifragaceae [+] View All Mukgenia Varieties
Musa Japanese Hardy Banana Musaceae [+] View All Musa Varieties
Myrica Bayberry Myricaceae [+] View All Myrica Varieties
Nandina Nandina Berberidaceae [+] View All Nandina Varieties
Nassella Feather Grass Poaceae [+] View All Nassella Varieties
Nepeta Catmint Lamiaceae [+] View All Nepeta Varieties
Nerium Oleander Apocynaceae [+] View All Nerium Varieties
Nyssa Blackgum Cornaceae [+] View All Nyssa Varieties
Oenothera Primrose Onagraceae [+] View All Oenothera Varieties
Olea Olive [+] View All Olea Varieties
Ophiopogon Mondo Grass Asparagaceae [+] View All Ophiopogon Varieties
Oredania Saxifragaceae [+] View All Oredania Varieties
Origanum Oregano Lamiaceae [+] View All Origanum Varieties
Osmanthus False Holly Oleaceae [+] View All Osmanthus Varieties
Osmunda Fern Osmundaceae [+] View All Osmunda Varieties
Ostrya Ironwood Betulaceae [+] View All Ostrya Varieties
Oxalis Shamrock Oxalidaceae [+] View All Oxalis Varieties
Oxydendrum Sourwood Ericaceae [+] View All Oxydendrum Varieties
Pachysandra Pachysandra Buxaceae [+] View All Pachysandra Varieties
Paeonia Peony Paeoniaceae [+] View All Paeonia Varieties
Panicum Switch Grass Poaceae [+] View All Panicum Varieties
Papaver Poppy Papaveraceae [+] View All Papaver Varieties
Parrotia Ironwood Hamamelidaceae [+] View All Parrotia Varieties
Parthenocissus Virginia Creeper / Boston Ivy Vitaceae [+] View All Parthenocissus Varieties
Passiflora Passion Flower / Passion Vine Passifloraceae [+] View All Passiflora Varieties
Pennisetum Fountain Grass Poaceae [+] View All Pennisetum Varieties
Pennisetum setaceum Fountain Grass Poaceae [+] View All Pennisetum setaceum Varieties
Penstemon Beardtongue Plantaginaceae [+] View All Penstemon Varieties
Perovskia Russian Sage Lamiaceae [+] View All Perovskia Varieties
Persicaria Fleece Flower Polygonaceae [+] View All Persicaria Varieties
Phalaris Ribbon Grass Poaceae [+] View All Phalaris Varieties
Philadelphus Mockorange Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Philadelphus Varieties
Phlox Phlox Polemoniaceae [+] View All Phlox Varieties
Phormium New Zealand Flax Asphodelaceae [+] View All Phormium Varieties
Photinia Photinia Rosaceae [+] View All Photinia Varieties
Phyllostachys Bamboo Poaceae [+] View All Phyllostachys Varieties
Physocarpus Ninebark Rosaceae [+] View All Physocarpus Varieties
Physostegia Obedient Plant Lamiaceae [+] View All Physostegia Varieties
Picea Spruce Pinaceae [+] View All Picea Varieties
Pieris Pieris Ericaceae [+] View All Pieris Varieties
Pinus Pine Pinaceae [+] View All Pinus Varieties
Pistacia Pistache Anacardiaceae [+] View All Pistacia Varieties
Platanus Sycamore / Planetree Platanaceae [+] View All Platanus Varieties
Platycodon Balloon Flower Campanulaceae [+] View All Platycodon Varieties
Plectranthus Plectranthus Lamiaceae [+] View All Plectranthus Varieties
Pleioblastus Bamboo Poaceae [+] View All Pleioblastus Varieties
Polemonium Jacob's Ladder Polemoniaceae [+] View All Polemonium Varieties
Polygala Milkwort Polygalaceaea [+] View All Polygala Varieties
Polygonatum Soloman's Seal Asperagaceae [+] View All Polygonatum Varieties
Polygonum Silver Lace Vine Polygonaceae [+] View All Polygonum Varieties
Polystichum Fern Dryopteridaceae [+] View All Polystichum Varieties
Populus Cottonwood / Poplar Salicaceae [+] View All Populus Varieties
Potentilla Cinquefoil Rosaceae [+] View All Potentilla Varieties
Pratia Blue Star Creeper Campanulaceae [+] View All Pratia Varieties
Primula Primrose Primulaceae [+] View All Primula Varieties
Prunus Cherry/Peach/Plum/Almond/Nectarine/Apricot Rosaceae [+] View All Prunus Varieties
Prunus persica Cherry/Peach/Plum/Almond/Nectarine/Apricot Rosaceae [+] View All Prunus persica Varieties
Pulmonaria Lungwort Boraginaceae [+] View All Pulmonaria Varieties
Pulsatilla Pasque Flower Ranunculaceae [+] View All Pulsatilla Varieties
Punica Pomegranate Lythraceae [+] View All Punica Varieties
Pyracantha Pyracantha Rosaceae [+] View All Pyracantha Varieties
Pyracomeles Pyracomeles Rosaceae [+] View All Pyracomeles Varieties
Pyrus Pear Rosaceae [+] View All Pyrus Varieties
Pyrus communis Pear Rosaceae [+] View All Pyrus communis Varieties
Quercus Oak Fagaceae [+] View All Quercus Varieties
Quercus acutissima Oak Fagaceae [+] View All Quercus acutissima Varieties
Ratibida Mexican Hat Plant Asteraceae [+] View All Ratibida Varieties
Rhamnus Buckthorn Rhamnaceae [+] View All Rhamnus Varieties
Rhaphiolepis Indian Hawthorn Rosaceae [+] View All Rhaphiolepis Varieties
Rhododendron Rhododendron / Azalea Ericaceae [+] View All Rhododendron Varieties
Rhus Sumac Anacardiaceae [+] View All Rhus Varieties
Robinia Locust Fabaceae [+] View All Robinia Varieties
Rosa Rose Rosaceae [+] View All Rosa Varieties
Rosa rugosa Rose Rosaceae [+] View All Rosa rugosa Varieties
Rosmarinus Rosemary Lamiaceae [+] View All Rosmarinus Varieties
Rubus Blackberry Rosaceae [+] View All Rubus Varieties
Rudbeckia Black-Eyed Susan Asteraceae [+] View All Rudbeckia Varieties
Ruellia Mexican Petunia Acanthaceae [+] View All Ruellia Varieties
Sagina Pearlwort Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Sagina Varieties
Salix Willow Salicaceae [+] View All Salix Varieties
Salvia Sage Lamiaceae [+] View All Salvia Varieties
Sambucus Elderberry Adoxaceae [+] View All Sambucus Varieties
Sanguisorba Burnet Rosaceae [+] View All Sanguisorba Varieties
Santolina Daisy / Santolina Asteraceae [+] View All Santolina Varieties
Sarcococca Sweet Box Buxaceae [+] View All Sarcococca Varieties
Sassafras Sassafras Lauraceae [+] View All Sassafras Varieties
Scabiosa Pincushion Flower Dipsacaceae [+] View All Scabiosa Varieties
Schizachyrium Bluestem Poaceae [+] View All Schizachyrium Varieties
Schizophragma Climbing Hydrangea Hydrangeaceae [+] View All Schizophragma Varieties
Sciadopitys Umbrella Pine Sciatopityaceae [+] View All Sciadopitys Varieties
Scirpus Fiber Optic Grass Cyperaceae [+] View All Scirpus Varieties
Sedum Sedum Crassulaceae [+] View All Sedum Varieties
Sempervivum Hens and Chicks Crassulaceae [+] View All Sempervivum Varieties
Sequoiadendron Giant Sequoia Taxodiaceae [+] View All Sequoiadendron Varieties
Sesleria Moor Grass Poaceae [+] View All Sesleria Varieties
Silene Campion Caryophyllaceae [+] View All Silene Varieties
Sisyrinchium Blue-Eyed Grass Iridiceae [+] View All Sisyrinchium Varieties
Solidago Goldenrod Asteraceae [+] View All Solidago Varieties
Sophora Pagoda Tree Fabaceae [+] View All Sophora Varieties
Sorbaria Sorbaria Rosaceae [+] View All Sorbaria Varieties
Sorbus Mountain Ash Rosaceae [+] View All Sorbus Varieties
Sorghastrum Indian Grass Poaceae [+] View All Sorghastrum Varieties
Spartium Broom Fabaceae [+] View All Spartium Varieties
Spigelia Indian Pink / Indian Paintbrush Loganiaceae [+] View All Spigelia Varieties
Spiraea Spiraea Rosaceae [+] View All Spiraea Varieties
Spodiopogon Frost Grass Poaceae [+] View All Spodiopogon Varieties
Sporobolus Dropseed Grass Poaceae [+] View All Sporobolus Varieties
Stachys Lamb's Ear Lamiaceae [+] View All Stachys Varieties
Stanleya Prince's Plume Stanleyaceae [+] View All Stanleya Varieties
Stephanandra Lace Shrub Rosaceae [+] View All Stephanandra Varieties
Stewartia Stewartia Theaceae [+] View All Stewartia Varieties
Stokesia Stokes Aster Asteraceae [+] View All Stokesia Varieties
Styrax Snowbell Styracaceae [+] View All Styrax Varieties
Symphoricarpos Coralberry Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Symphoricarpos Varieties
Syringa Lilac Oleaceae [+] View All Syringa Varieties
Tamarix Tamarix Tamaricaceae [+] View All Tamarix Varieties
Tanacetum Tansy Asteraceae [+] View All Tanacetum Varieties
Taxodium Bald Cypress Cupressaceae [+] View All Taxodium Varieties
Taxus Yew Taxaceae [+] View All Taxus Varieties
Tecoma Esperanza Bignoniaceae [+] View All Tecoma Varieties
Ternstroemia Cleyera Theaceae [+] View All Ternstroemia Varieties
Teucrium Germander Lamiaceae [+] View All Teucrium Varieties
Thalictrum Meadow Rue Ranunculaceae [+] View All Thalictrum Varieties
Theypteris Fern Thelypteridaceae [+] View All Theypteris Varieties
Thuja Arborvitae Cupressaceae [+] View All Thuja Varieties
Thujopsis Deerhorn Cedar Cupressaceae [+] View All Thujopsis Varieties
Thymus Thyme Lamiaceae [+] View All Thymus Varieties
Tiarella Foam Flower Saxifragaceae [+] View All Tiarella Varieties
Tilia Linden Malvaceae [+] View All Tilia Varieties
Trachelospermum Jasmine Apocynaceae [+] View All Trachelospermum Varieties
Trachycarpus Fan Palm Arecaceae [+] View All Trachycarpus Varieties
Tradescantia Spiderwort Commelinaceae [+] View All Tradescantia Varieties
Tricyrtis Toad Lily Liliaceae [+] View All Tricyrtis Varieties
Trifolium Shamrock Fabaceae [+] View All Trifolium Varieties
Tsuga Hemlock [+] View All Tsuga Varieties
Ulmus Elm Ulmaceae [+] View All Ulmus Varieties
Vaccinium Blueberry Ericaceae [+] View All Vaccinium Varieties
Verbascum Mullein Scrophulariaceae [+] View All Verbascum Varieties
Verbena Verbena Verbenaceae [+] View All Verbena Varieties
Veronica Speedwell Plantaginaceae [+] View All Veronica Varieties
Viburnum Viburnum Adoxaceae [+] View All Viburnum Varieties
Vinca Vinca Apocynaceae [+] View All Vinca Varieties
Viola Viola Violaceae [+] View All Viola Varieties
Vitex Chaste Tree Lamiaceae [+] View All Vitex Varieties
Vitis Grape Vitaceae [+] View All Vitis Varieties
Waldsteinia Barren Strawberry Rosaceae [+] View All Waldsteinia Varieties
Weigela Weigela Caprifoliaceae [+] View All Weigela Varieties
Wisteria Wisteria Fabaceae [+] View All Wisteria Varieties
Yucca Yucca Asparagaceae [+] View All Yucca Varieties
Zelkova Zelkova Ulmaceae [+] View All Zelkova Varieties