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Acer truncatum
AKA: Purple Shadblow



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Oklahoma Proven

Hardiness Zone: 5-8   ·   Mature Height: 20-30 Feet   ·   Mature Spread: 15-30 Feet

Buy Shantung Maple online. Shantung Maple leaves are reddish-purple when emerging and very beautiful gradually changing to dark glossy green in summer. Fall turns the color of this smaller to medium size tree. a bright yellow-orange and red. Shantung tolerates high P.H.(alkaline soils)better than most other maples.
Texas Superstar™ Award Winner

Family: Sapindaceae / Aceraceae · Common Name: Maple

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SHANTUNG MAPLE Plant Characteristics

Bark Type*
Fruit Type*
Non-Edible Fruit
Growth Habit*
Large Growing
Upright Growing
Growth Rate*
Leaf Color Fall*
Light Yellow/Brilliant Yellow
Leaf Color Spring*
Leaf Color Summer*
Leaf Type*
Nature Assets*
Attracts Birds
Deer Resistant
Plant Type*
Preferred Planting Season*
Fall Planting
Spring Planting
Summer Planting
Propagation Methods*
Season of Interest*
Early Spring
Late Spring/Early Summer
Late Summer/Early Autumn
Exposure (Short)
Full Sun

3 review(s) for SHANTUNG MAPLE

  1. Gary - Apr 12, 2011
    Wisconsin (Hardiness Zone: 3)

    I've had this tree growing in my back yard, in full sun,for 10 yrs, and I would differ on the hardiness zone. As a horticulturist, I would give it a Zone 4 rating. It has withstood -30F with no die back.

  2. Gerard - Apr 16, 2014
    Deshler, Nebraska (Hardiness Zone: 5)

  3. Steven - Jul 30, 2019
    Pflugerville, Texas (Hardiness Zone: 7)

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SHANTUNG MAPLE Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips

Japanese Maples are moderately easy to grow and adapt to most conditions; however, they do prefer to be planted in an area that is well protected from wind, heat exposure, and drought like conditions. Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer.

Interesting Notes About SHANTUNG MAPLE

A very nice smaller to medium size tree. Good for planting in areas with limited space.Photos Courtesy of OSU Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture and Sooner Plant Farm.