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Premium grown potted plants

Premium grown potted plants

Root Pouch

Root Pouch® container grown plants produce healthier plants with greater transplant success and faster growth than bareroot plants or bareroot plants freshly sacked in burlap bags for shipping purposes. Root Pouch® containers are also environmentally cleaner than plants grown in conventional plastic pots.

Sooner Plant Farm is pleased to grow and sell many varieties of trees and shrubs specially grown and sold in root enhancing pots called the Root Pouch®.
The Root Pouch® is a unique and environmentally friendly growing container made of a combination of natural and recycled materials. The breathable fabric type material allows for a higher level of oxygen exchange directly at the plant roots zone. Everything living needs oxygen to survive and the Root Pouch® help us produce a healthier plant with a much healthier root system than that of traditional plastic growing pots. Also, because Root Pouch®. containers are made of a semi-porous degradable fabric; tender root tips are trapped in the fabric which provide air root pruning instead of root circling that normally occurs with plants grown in traditional plastic pots. This root tip pruning, turns one root tip into several feeder root tips, multiplying the amount of water and nutrient absorption.
After all, it is the root system that is most important when evaluating a plants overall health.

Fact; A strong healthy root system produces a strong and vigorous plant.

Because the entire Root Pouch® container is planted directly in the ground, once buried the fabric begins to degrade allowing roots to escape and quickly travel into the surrounding soil. These plants establish quicker into the new environment and in most cases without sustaining any transplant shock. And with all the additional feeder roots your plants will be better equipped to survive adverse conditions such as drought and rapid soil temperature changes.

So be sure to look for the tag “Grown in Root Pouch®” in the plant description of many selected varieties grown by Sooner Plant Farm.

If you would like to read more and discover all the fantastic uses of Root Pouch® brand growing containers, visit their web site