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Wisteria macrostachya 'Blue Moon'




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Hardiness Zone: 3-9   ·   Mature Height: 15-25 Feet   ·   Mature Spread: 4-8 Feet

Buy Blue Moon Wisteria online. Fully winter hardy, this wisteria blooms up to three times a year. Hailed as a great bloomer by gardeners in Northern Minnesota. Lilac-blue flowers appear in June, August and September. Grows in full sun.

Family: Fabaceae · Common Name: Wisteria

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BLUE MOON WISTERIA Plant Characteristics

Bark Color*
Bark Type*
Flower Color*
Light Blue
Flower Type*
Single Blooming
Growth Rate*
Leaf Color Fall*
Light Yellow/Brilliant Yellow
Leaf Color Spring*
Leaf Color Summer*
Leaf Type*
Plant Type*
Preferred Planting Season*
Fall Planting
Spring Planting
Summer Planting
Propagation Methods*
Cuttings or Divisions
Exposure (Short)
Full Sun

9 review(s) for BLUE MOON WISTERIA

  1. Phyllis - Apr 12, 2011
    Natalia, Texas (Hardiness Zone: 7)

    I ordered three of these wisteria vines to hopefully one day cover my large pergola. One of the plants didn't look too good upon arrival, but shortly after I planted it, it came to life. I think it might be the nicest of the three of them now. I was impressed with the shipping/packaging and will certainly buy more from Sooner Plant Farm.

  2. Brandi - May 30, 2013
    Florida (Hardiness Zone: 8)

    Wisteria arrived quickly and was packaged very well. The plant was approximately 1 foot tall with several branches. In only a week it has grown a few inches taller with new growth at the top. For those of you who hope to have a standard or tree form, you will be happy to hear that this particular plant had a couple of inches of hard wood at the base and a single straight green trunk from there up. I will post photos if possible.

  3. Susan - Oct 27, 2014
    New York (Hardiness Zone: 4)

    It arrived in wonderful shape and is growing like a weed!

  4. Kristen - Nov 11, 2015
    Colorado (Hardiness Zone: 5)

    I'd heard mixed stories on whether or not Wisteria would even grow in Colorado, and living at 7500 ft in a burn zone that had once been a pine forest, I was more than a bit nervous. A friend told me Wisteria wouldn't grow here. But I tried 2, half expecting a total loss. Instead, My Blue Moon Wisteria have taken off, growing extremely fast, and blooming beautifully the summer after they were planted! I can't wait for next summer, as the vines have already grown up an arbor bench nearly to the top, and both plants look vibrant and strong. Expecting showers of lovely flowers next year, based on the blooms this summer.

  5. Jimmy - Jun 18, 2016
    Plainville, Connecticut (Hardiness Zone: 5)

  6. Martin - Sep 04, 2017
    Ohio (Hardiness Zone: 5)

    This 5 gallon wisteria arrived looking healthy and rested from its journey and now appears to be settling in to its new home. Very happy with the service, shipping, and the plant so far, thanks!

  7. LINDA - Jun 15, 2018
    Illinois (Hardiness Zone: 5)

  8. James - Apr 27, 2019
    Spring Branch, Texas (Hardiness Zone: 7)

    Received dormant plant in FEB 2019 in a cloth pot with handles. Kept indoors a couple freezing nights then planted in Early March. I did not expect anything but growth first year so was amazed to see flower buds by mid April. I am sold on using these cloth pots and with Sooner plant farm since they seem to run a quality operation.

  9. Alan - Sep 03, 2019
    Brandon, Mississippi (Hardiness Zone: 7)

    It arrived healthy and in great condition. This Wisteria didn't mind at all being planted in the heat of summer in the deep south (MS) and it has grown well in the two months since.

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BLUE MOON WISTERIA Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips

Wisteria is easy to grow and adapts to most conditions. Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer.

Interesting Notes About BLUE MOON WISTERIA

Heavy fertilization will promote vining growth for covering trellises and arbors when desired. Growth and are best when the plant is grown under full sun conditions.