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Rosa x 'Radsunny'
PP18562 Plant propagation prohibited



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Hardiness Zone: 5-9   ·   Mature Height: 3-5 Feet   ·   Mature Spread: 3-4 Feet

Buy Sunny Knock Out® Rose online. Produces abundant single bright yellow flowers with 5 to 6 petals. This bushy, compact and rounded shrub has dark green semi-glossy foliage, resistant to black spot, powdery mildew and rust. More disease resistant that its famous parent. No flower fragrance, but the petioles release a strong sweetbriar fragrance similar to Rainbow Knock Out® Rose.

Family: Rosaceae · Common Name: Rose

SUNNY KNOCK OUT® ROSE Plant Characteristics

Bark Color*
Bark Type*
Flower Color*
Light Yellow
Flower Type*
Single Blooming
Growth Habit*
Compact Growing
Shrub Form
Growth Rate*
Leaf Color Fall*
Dark Yellow/Gold
Leaf Color Spring*
Leaf Color Summer*
Leaf Type*
Plant Type*
Preferred Planting Season*
Fall Planting
Spring Planting
Summer Planting
Preferred Soil Conditions*
Adapts Well to Most Soil Types
Drought Tolerant
Propagation Methods*
Cuttings or Divisions
Exposure (Short)
Full Sun

4 review(s) for SUNNY KNOCK OUT® ROSE

  1. Janet - Feb 20, 2009
    Atlanta, GA (Hardiness Zone: 7)

    I am an avid gardener and have over 40 different varieties of roses in my garden, along with many many other perennials. I must say, the Radsunny roses I received from Sooner are EXCELLENT! They were big healthy roses that appeared to be on their own root stock. They were sent in the winter with foliage and immediately adapted to their new surrounding. Without a doubt, these are the best quality roses I have ever ordered. Thank you Sooner Farm!!

  2. Jennifer - Sep 10, 2011
    Georgia (Hardiness Zone: 9)

    This is a great, disease resistant, HIGHLY PERFUMED plant, if you want an almost white rose bush. The blooms are a buttercup yellow for a few hours, then rapidly fade to almost white. The perfume will scent an entire yard.

  3. Andrea - Nov 01, 2018
    Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Hardiness Zone: 7)

    I was very nervous to order a plant online for fear it would be damaged during shipment but it just arrived in perfect condition. Can't wait to get it planted!

  4. Valerie - May 08, 2020
    (Hardiness Zone: )

    These babies bloomed a long time last summer/fall, even though they were just newly planted. Now, I am happy to report they made it through a cold, dry winter at my high-altitude-desert climate. They are all leafted out and starting to form buds for the first set of blooms. Hooray!

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SUNNY KNOCK OUT® ROSE Homeowner Growing & Maintenance Tips

Roses are fairly easy to grow and adapt to most conditions. Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer.

Interesting Notes About SUNNY KNOCK OUT® ROSE

Thrives is very humid climates where other roses have disease problems and need spray maintenance. For AARS info and photos click here.
For a complete Fact sheet on Knockout Roses go here The Knockout Rose Family