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ReBloom® Azaleas

ReBloom® Azaleas are the newest varieties of reblooming Azaleas to hit the landscape and gardening industry. With 10 new varieties covering a color spectrum not yet seen in the market, ReBloom® Azaleas are sure to become an instant success with home gardeners and professional landscapers across the country.
ReBloom® Azaleas feature evergreen foliage, disease resistance, and most notably three seasons of color. Strong blooming power in the spring, reblooming again in summer, although not as heavy as spring, and a strong third show in fall. The compact growing plants mature in 10 -12 years, perform best in partial shade gardens with rich moist soil and a P.H. below 7.0. If native soil is above 7.0, amend with peat moss of other organic matter.

Plant hybridizer Bob Head began creating ReBloom® Azaleas 15 years ago, when he saw an opportunity to improve the genetics of Azaleas that were currently on the market. Thanks to Bob's work, we all get to enjoy this new category of Reblooming Azaleas.

ReBloom® Azaleas offer better cold hardiness, rated to temperatures 0 to -10 (USDA zone 6), which is a zone improvement over other reblooming Azaleas in the market.   With 10 distinctive colors to choose from, creating a ReBloom® Azalea garden that fits into your landscape will be quite easy. Some of the blooms are double and even triple pedal flowers. Flowering patterns can last 4-6 weeks in spring, with moderate to heavy blooms throughout the summer and fall months once they are established.

Sooner Plant Farm is very proud to offer ReBloom® Azaleas for purchase through our website.


Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-15P3"
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