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Bareroot trees have been a popular choice for many gardeners due to the lower plant and shipping cost.  Sooner Plant Farm offers bareroot Fruit trees on limited basis based on availability.

Bareroot trees are guaranteed to arrive in healthy condition, although no extended warrenty applies. For best selection ordering before January 15th is recommended. All bareroot must be shipped by March 15th, so be prepared to accept delivery by this time. If you are in an area where frozen ground is an issue, bareroot can be stored in a cool location protected from heat and freezing.

We will ship bareroot to each zone following the time schedule below.

Zone 3 Ship Week  April 15th

Zone 4 Ship Week April 15th

Zone 5 Ship Week April 1st

Zone 6 Ship Week March 15th

Zone 7 Ship Week March 1st

Zone 8 Ship Week February 15th

Zone 9 Ship Week February 1st

Zone 10 Ship Week  February 1st


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