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Sooner Plant Farm offers a wide selection of Cedars. Our most popular is Blue Atlas Cedar. Blue Atlas Cedar are commonly seen on many commercial landscapes as well as in home landscapes.  Blue Atlas Cedars will grow into very large landscape trees, reaching up to 40 - 60 feet tall, so be sure to leave plenty of growing space when choosing a location to plant.

These are slow to moderate growers, usually only growing 1 -2 ft per year. Weeping Blue Atlas are also quite common and very unique in growth characteristics, with a arching bracnch structure. Atlas Cedars are very heat and drought tolerant once established.
If you want the Blue Atlas look but do not have a large growing area, havwe a look at Horstmans, which onlyu grows to 8-10 ft.

Deodara Cedars are also very drought and heat tolerant. Several new blue varieties like Blue Ice and Devinely Blue have recently become more popular than the species.


Cedrus atlantica "Glauca"
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Cedrus deodara "Monkinn"
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