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Sample Plant Sizes

See a sample of our plant and pot sizes

Click a plant category below to see sample images of what to expect when ordering our plant products. The images are average representations of the typical sizes we ship. 
Please keep in mind when purchasing, that plants must be trimmed and pruned throughout the growing season to maintain their health and allow them to fit into the shipping cartons, so actual sizes will somewhat vary throughout the season. 
Also many times you will see a plant sold larger pot size, but the plant will not be any taller than a smaller pot size plant being sold. Larger potted plants are most always a plant that is one year older, than next smaller size sold, and are grown to be fuller or bushier and a more established root system, which produce a quicker established landscape.


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I just received the most gorgeous fat Albert blue spruce from you!! Thank you so much!! I have ordered from you before but you outdid yourselves!!

Pekin, IL
November 2016

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