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Treegator™ provides the maximum amount of water saturation depth in the least amount of time, with no run-off or evaporation.

The patented 20 Gallon Treegator™ is the original tree watering bag, and has been a favorite of green industry professionals since 1991. Multiple units can be zipped together for large caliper trunks.

The 14 Gallon Treegator™ Junior is ideal for watering your low-branch trees, evergreens, large shrubs, as well as shade trees. When used with mulch, its shape and color make it almost invisible.


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20 Gallon Treegator


Drip Time: " Approximately 6 to 10 hours - Delivers water via drip holes cored into bottom corners of bag.

Installation: " Wrap around trunk, zip up, and fill with water.

Application Frequency: " Fill bag 1 to 2 times per week, or as needed.

Measurements: " 30" tall x 18" wide (at base) when full - For trees with branches at least 30" from the ground or higher. " Single 20 Gallon Bag: - Fits min. 1" to max. 4" caliper (diameter) tree trunk. " Two 20 Gallon Bags (2 units zipped together back-to-back) - 50 gallon setup - Fits 5" to 8" caliper (dia.) trees.

Handling Precautions: " Do not hang or suspend bag by straps. " Do not unzip and / or move bag when full.

Materials: " Made of green UV-treated polyethylene plastic (Weight = 1 lb.)

Warranty: " 2-Year limited manufacturer warranty.

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These were fabulous plants. Love the color of the leaves and they are all very healthy plants.

July 2014

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