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  Plant Highlights

Detailed plant information, including best uses, how used, mature size, growth habit, flower, foliage, and much more.

Gaillardia (Blanket Flower)

Gaillardia, or Blanket Flower, is a group of about 30 species that include both annuals and perennials. With bright and colorful daisy-like flowers it is no wonder this native wildflower has earned a spot on the heart of gardeners everywhere. The most common species for garden use is Gaillardia grandiflora. It is this perennial, and some of its most unique cultivars that we will discuss here. Hardy, sun-loving and easy to keep it deserves a place in every garden.

Knockout™ and Homerun™ Rose Growing Tips

Knockout Rose, Double Knockout Rose, Blushing Knockout Rose, Pink Knockout Rose and Home Run Rose sold here online.

Baptisia (False Indigo)

The False Indigo (Baptisia) is native to the United States, with several species occurring naturally. Many hybrids now exist to bring home gardeners to best color and growth habit for use in modern gardens, while still providing the charm and graceful beauty false indigo is known for.

Aquilegia (Columbine)

A beautiful plant with graceful flowers that are highly attractive to hummingbirds, Columbines are a great addition to any garden. Aquilegia have a lot to offer with being drought-tolerant once established, partially shade tolerant and adaptive to a variety of soil conditions.

Coreopsis (Tickseed)

Coreopsis is a genus with approximately 100 species, both annual and perennial. We will deal mostly with the perennial varieties in this article. There are over a dozen of these plants grown for their showy blooms used regularly in modern gardens. Considered by many gardeners to be one of the best native wildflowers for use in the garden.

Dianthus (Pinks)

A wonderful plant found in many hierloom gardens, Dianthus have been a favorite of gardeners for generations. Easy to grow and wonderfully colored, it is no wonder to find them a part of so many gardens. With over 300 species and hundreds of hybridized cultivars for garden use, classification can be a bit confusing.

Echinacea (Cone Flower)

Echinacea commonly name "Coneflower" is long-lived and often seen in summer gardens to attract butterflies or for use as a cut flower. Native to the central United States, this beautiful plant has had so many lovely forms and cultivars developed recently that its popularity extends far beyond native landscaping alone now.
Buying Coneflowers online offers gardeners many choices regarding flower color, flower type, and plant size. 10 years ago only a few varieties existed, currently in 2018 close to 100 varieties are in production.

Geranium (Cranesbill)

Geraniums were once considered the "must have" plant for English gardens and with over 400 species it wasn't long before cultivars developed popularity with gardeners world wide. Buyers beware however as perennial geraniums are not related to annual geraniums which are actually in the genus Pelargonium. A true geranium is a cold hardy perennial that will prove to be long-lived and add years of beauty and graceful charm to any garden.

Heuchera ( Coral Bells)

A genus native to America, the Heucheras are a quickly growing family of beautiful perennials grown predominantly for their stunning foliage. New cultivars and hybrids are being introduced everyday and they are fast become one of the most popular plants for any garden area.

Heucherella (Foamy Bells)

A genetic cross between two plant species that strive to bring the best of both, Heucheralla plants have the amazing foliage colors of Heuchera plants and the impressive flower stalks of the Tiarella plants.

Evergreen Groundcovers

Ground cover plants provide an important touch to a garden spot giving the garden depth, extra dimension and a more finished look. Use ground covers underneath trees, woody shrubs or large perennials to provide a background element that will set off your larger ornamentals. The following ground covers are all evergreen plants available through Sooner Plant Farm that will not only accent your other plantings, but also provide year-round color and interest of their own.

Hardy Hibiscus

Hibiscus plants are shrubs that have long been enjoyed for their large, flamboyant blooms. Most hibiscus shrubs are tropical perennials and won't survive a cold winter except wild varieties that typically have smaller blooms. Thanks to a family of plant breeders, three brothers named Fleming, advances were made to create a new line of Fleming hybrid Hibiscus.


Growing Crapemyrtles
Care and Uses of Crapemyrtle Plants in the Garden

Polemonium Jacops Ladder

Often bearing variegated leaves Polemonium has a lot to offer for shade or foliage gardens.


The salvia species covers several types of sage plants including autumn sage, meadow sage, lilac sage, blue sage and more.

Perennial Plants for Part Shade

Add Excitement and Year-Round Interest with Warm Colored Foliage and Flowers!
Perennial plants can add year-round interest and excitement to the landscape and these all have warm color tones in yellows, reds and oranges. Both flowers and foliage play a part in creating the stunning design of a garden island or large border bed.

Trees and Shrubs for a Warm Color Tone Planter

Part Shade Garden Bed for Year-Round Interest
Trees and Shrubs for a Warm Color Tone Planter

Easy Elegance Roses

Easy Landscape Roses Anyone Can Grow
Easy Elegance Roses Make Growing Roses Simple

Perennials for Sandy Soil

Plants for Sandy, Well-Drained Garden Landscapes

Sandy soil can be difficult to deal with in the landscape. These perennials all thrive in sandy soil that drains water quickly and should be considered for these garden areas.

Encore Azaleas

The Beauty of Reblooming Azaleas: Encore Azalea ®
More Than Just Spring Flowering Shrubs

Plants with Black or Maroon Foliage

These plants are an important part of creating a colorful foliage garden, providing a dark backdrop for brighter, accent plants. All these perennials, shrubs, and ornamental trees have dark black, maroon, or deep blue colored foliage.

Create a Colorful Foliage Garden

Sometimes, we as gardeners, can get fixated on the flowering plants we bring into our garden. However, gardeners can increase interest in their landscape by wisely using foliage color in their garden. Black leaves, gold foliage, plants with chartreuse variegation....the eye-catching possibilities are growing each year with new plant introductions. Here are some tips for combining plant foliage in beautiful and creative ways.

Golden Foliage Plants

Ornamental Shrubs with Yellow or Gold Foliage

Scented Foliage Garden Perennial Plants

Gardeners don't need to rely only on flowers for fragrance in the garden because all these perennial plants have fragrant foliage. Highlight these aromatic plants in their own fragrance garden space or use them as nose-pleasing accents in any mixed border or container.

Fragrant Flowering Shrubs and Trees

Part of a well-designed fragrance garden is adding ornamental shrubs and trees with highly fragrant flowers. These choices are all great fragrance garden plants that will do well as part of a scented landscape.

Heat Tolerant Perennial Plants

Heat Tolerant Perennial Plants

Hydrangea Plant Highlight

Hydrangea shrubs are interesting year-round in the garden as the shrub flowers spring through fall and winter seedheads remain attractive.

Growing Facts and Caring for Redbud Trees (Cercis

Quickly compare the details of the most common Redbud Trees

Buying Plants, Trees Online
Japanese Maple Tree Care, Facts and Growing Tips
Plant Highlights

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