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Hibiscus x moscheutos 'Dwarf Satellite'(SATELLITE DWARF FLEMING™ HARDY HIBISCUS)


2-3 Feet


2-3 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


Buy Satellite Dwarf Fleming™ Hardy Hibiscus online. This is a huge advance in Hardy Hibiscus breeding and selection for the industry! Satellite is uniquely compact hardy hibiscus with compact leaves of a maple shape and with a purple coloration. Its flowers are magenta and mauve in color with light whitish veination. This plant is an exciting specimen plant in the landscape or patio pot. And of course its hardy to -30 Fahrenheit like all of the Fleming™ Hybrids. The flowers bloom from the top to the bottom of the plants (a Fleming invention) and regenerate quickly from Spring or Summer until mid to late Fall.

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