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Lagerstroemia indica 'Siren Red'(SIREN RED® CRAPEMYRTLE)


10-12 Feet


10-12 Inches

Hardiness Zone:


Buy Siren Red® Crapemyrtle online. "Oxblood red" flowers are distinctly darker red than Dynamite® or Red Rocket®. Darkness/intensity of red is less effected by cool, cloudy conditions. New growth is wine, then quickly changes to dark green. The slowest grower of the 'Whit' reds but may reach 3 feet in one growing season in a 3-5 gallon container. May reach 10 feet at maturity. High mildew resistance. Darkest red flowers yet.Can be grown as a bush or multi-stem tree.An introduction from Dr.Carl Whitcomb of Stillwater, Oklahoma.

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