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Cotoneaster horizontalis 'Variegatus'(NORTHERN BORDERS™ COTONEASTER)


2-3 Feet


5-8 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


Buy Northern Borders⁜ Cotoneaster online. A durable woody ground cover, Northern Borders™ Variegated Cotoneaster hugs the ground, maturing at two to three feet and with a generous spread of five to eight feet. Outstanding blue-green foliage rimmed in white produces an overall silver effect in the landscape. This dense-growing cultivar is semi-evergreen and the noteworthy leaves persist until late in autumn when they change to a lovely orange-red color. In winter the leaves fall, revealing the celebrated "fan" or "herringbone" branch pattern for which this species is known.Northern Borders⁜ is a good subject for espalier and offers four seasons of interest. In spring, rosy buds open to tiny white flowers along the cinnamon-colored twigs. Later, the plant is laden with shiny scarlet fruit (¼ inch) liberally sprinkled throughout. These berries add color throughout winter, sparkling in the winter sun and providing food for songbirds and wildlife.

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