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ReBloom® Azaleas

SKU Pot Size Item Size Available Price  
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-10P1" RED MAGNIFICENCE™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6884 3 gallon Potted 1229 $75.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-13P11" PURPLE SPECTACULAR™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6887 Eco gallon Potted 1 $35.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-15P3" WHITE NOBILITY™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6892 3 gallon Potted 11 $75.00
8837 Root Pouch 3 gallon 5 $75.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-1P0" BLUSH ELEGANCE™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6886 3 gallon Potted 742 $75.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-6P" CORAL AMAZEMENT™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6896 3 gallon Potted 1000 $75.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-7P1" PINK ADORATION™ ReBLOOM AZALEA
6897 Eco gallon Potted 133 $35.00
6898 3 gallon Potted 293 $75.00
8848 Root Pouch 3 gallon 3 $75.00
Rhododendron azalea x "RLH1-P1" FIREBRICK FAME™ ReBLOOM AZELEA
8849 Root Pouch 3 gallon 1 $75.00

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