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Enjoy 24/7 Daylilies® Collection

SKU Pot Size Item Size Available Price  
Hemerocallis x "SPD 06-0" BERMUDA PEACH™ 24/7™ DAYLILY
Hemerocallis x "SPD 06-01" BAHAMA PINK SKY™ 24/7™ DAYLILY
6712 Eco gallon Potted 25 (389 units for review soon) $15.00
Hemerocallis x "SPD 06-1" JAMAICA SUNRISE™ 24/7™ DAYLILY
4223 Jumbo gallon Potted 3 $15.00
Hemerocallis x "SPD 06-1" CARIBBEAN CORAL™ 24/7™ DAYLILY
4262 Jumbo gallon Potted 1 $15.00

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The rose bush was so much bigger than I expected and it had at least 20 buds ready to bloom. Gorgeous! Very good buy.

Wexford, PA
November 2016

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