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Southern Living Plant® Collection

SKU Pot Size Item Size Available Price  
Berberis thunbergii "Orange Rocket" ORANGE ROCKET BARBERRY
9035 Eco gallon Potted 4 $35.00
4219 3 gallon Potted 5479 $75.00
Buxus microphylla japonica "Gregem" BABY GEM BOXWOOD
2947 Eco gallon Potted 1518 $35.00
6436 2 gallon Potted 524 $45.00
2869 3 gallon Potted 3452 (13 units arriving on 5/15/18) $75.00
Carex oshinensis "Everoro" EVERORO SEDGE
11013 Jumbo gallon Potted 8 $35.00
7607 Jumbo gallon Potted 21 $35.00
9178 3 gallon Potted 16 $75.00
Loropetalum chinensis "Shang-lo" PURPLE PIXIE LOROPETALUM
Nandina domestica "AKA" BLUSH PINK™ NANDINA
6623 3 gallon Potted 359 $75.00
Nandina domestica "Murasaki" FLIRT™ NANDINA
6640 3 gallon Potted 109 $75.00
Weigela florida "Bokrashine" SHINING SENSATION™ WEIGELA
5747 Jumbo gallon Potted 1937 $35.00
5748 3 gallon Potted 216 $75.00
10291 Root Pouch 3 gallon 7 $75.00

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Customer Testimonials

I was very pleased with the quality of the plants and the great condition they were in upon arrival. I am very excited about the wide collection of plants and the large range of sizes available for future orders. I have ordered in the past from other nurseries with large collections, but the quality was unreliable and the size availability limited. I will order again and will likely plan on picking up my order on the designated day since I live in the Bixby area.

Bixby, OK
November 2016

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