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Terra Nova® Collection

SKU Pot Size Item Size Available Price  
Agastache x "Kudos Ambrosia" KUDOS ™ AMBROSIA HYSSOP
7706 Root Pouch 1 gallon 30 $15.00
Agastache x "Kudos Coral" KUDOS ™CORAL HYSSOP
7714 Root Pouch 1 gallon 21 $15.00
Agastache x "Kudos Silver Blue" KUDOS™ SILVER BLUE HYSSOP
7713 Root Pouch 1 gallon 25 $15.00
Agastache x "Kudos Yellow" KUDOS™ YELLOW HYSSOP
Agastache x "Summer Glow" SUMMER GLOW HYSSOP
7715 Root Pouch 1 gallon 24 $15.00
Agastache x "Summer Sky" SUMMER SKY HYSSOP
7710 Root Pouch 1 gallon 17 $15.00
Dicentra spectabilis "Gold Heart" GOLD HEART BLEEDING HEART
8795 Root Pouch 1 gallon 4 $15.00
Echinacea purpurea "Tangerine Dream" TANGERINE DREAM CONEFLOWER
9655 Root Pouch 1 gallon 21 $15.00
Echinacea x "Colorburst Orange" COLORBURST ORANGE CONEFLOWER
Echinacea x "Conefections" MILKSHAKE CONEFLOWER
9341 Root Pouch 1 gallon 28 $15.00
Echinacea x "Firebird" FIREBIRD CONEFLOWER
7718 Root Pouch 1 gallon 16 $15.00
Echinacea x "Hot Papaya" HOT PAPAYA CONEFLOWER
9197 Root Pouch 1 gallon 8 $15.00
Echinacea x "Satin Nights" SATIN NIGHTS CONEFLOWER
10603 Root Pouch 1 gallon 28 $15.00
Echinacea x "Sunbird" SUNBIRD CONEFLOWER
9191 Root Pouch 1 gallon 6 $15.00
Echinacea x "Supreme Elegance" SUPREME™ ELEGANCE CONEFLOWER
Echinacea x "Tomato Soup" TOMATO SOUP CONEFLOWER
8434 Root Pouch 1 gallon 9 $15.00
Heuchera x "Berry Smoothie" BERRY SMOOTHIE CORAL BELLS
8446 Root Pouch 1 gallon 29 $15.00
Heuchera x "Fire Alarm" FIRE ALARM CORAL BELLS
7663 Root Pouch 1 gallon 28 $15.00
Heuchera x "Fire Chief" FIRE CHIEF CORAL BELLS
8458 Root Pouch 1 gallon 24 $15.00
Heuchera x "Lipstick" LIPSTICK CORAL BELLS
11588 Root Pouch 1 gallon 30 $15.00
Heuchera x "Midnight Rose" MIDNIGHT ROSE CORAL BELLS
Heuchera x "Southern Comfort" SOUTHERN COMFORT CORAL BELLS
8478 Root Pouch 1 gallon 13 $15.00
Heuchera x "Zipper" ZIPPER CORAL BELLS
11589 Root Pouch 1 gallon 26 $15.00
Heucherella x "Burnished Bronze" BURNISHED BRONZE FOAMY BELLS
Heucherella x "Sweet Tea" SWEET TEA FOAMY BELLS
Kniphofia x "Creamsicle Popsicle" CREAMSICLE POPSICLE™ RED HOT POKER
9812 Root Pouch 1 gallon 5 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Ember Glow" EMBER GLOW RED HOT POKER
9797 Root Pouch 1 gallon 27 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Lemon Popsicle" LEMON POPSICLE™ RED HOT POKER
8694 Root Pouch 1 gallon 13 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Mango Popsicle" MANGO POPSICLE™ RED HOT POKER
8494 Root Pouch 1 gallon 19 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Papaya Popsicle" PAPAYA POPSICLE™ RED HOT POKER
8534 Root Pouch 1 gallon 3 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Poco Orange" POCO™ ORANGE RED HOT POKER
8696 Root Pouch 1 gallon 21 $15.00
Kniphofia x "Poco Yellow" POCO™ YELLOW RED HOT POKER
8912 Root Pouch 1 gallon 38 $15.00
Mukgenia x "Nova Flame" NOVA™ FLAME MUKGENIA
10629 Root Pouch 1 gallon 21 $15.00
Rudbeckia subtomentosa "Henry Eilers" HENRY EILERS BLACK-EYED SUSAN
2522 Eco gallon Potted 46 $15.00
Sisyrinchium angustifolium "Lucerne" LUCERNE BLUE-EYED GRASS
9538 quart Pot 7 (238 units for review soon) $10.00
Tradescantia x "Sunshine Charm" SUNSHINE CHARM SPIDERWORT
5355 Eco gallon Potted 21 $15.00

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Sooner Plant Farm's Loropetalums arrived Healthy, vibrant and very beautiful. Our gardener commented, "These plants are healthy and ready to grow." Sooner's packaging is superior. Sooner's service is superior. Many of my neighbors commented on the perfect health and beauty of the plants received. We will continue to purchase our plants from Sooner Plant Farm. We are sending our heartfelt praise and thank you to Brian and everyone at Sooner Plant Farm.

Alex & Joy
Blairsville, GA
November 2016

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