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Shrubs & Hedges » Lorepetalum

SKU Pot Size Item Size Available Price  
Loropetalum chinense "Beni Hime" JAZZ HANDS MINI® LOROPETALUM
8614 Jumbo gallon Potted 6 $40.00
Loropetalum chinense "Irodori" JAZZ HANDS VARIEGATED® LOROPETALUM
8612 Jumbo gallon Potted 21 $40.00
12059 Root Pouch 3 gallon 3 $80.00
Loropetalum chinense "Suzuki" JAZZ HANDS NIGHT MOVES® LOROPETALUM
11427 Jumbo gallon Potted 13 $40.00
12921 Root Pouch 3 gallon 1 $80.00
9509 Jumbo gallon Potted 12 $40.00
13967 Root Pouch 3 gallon 3 (1 units for review on 3/1/22) $80.00
Loropetalum chinensis "Shang White" EMERALD SNOW® LOROPETALUM
12058 Root Pouch 3 gallon 9 $80.00
Loropetalum chinensis var. rubrum "PIILC-I" CRIMSON FIRE LOROPETALUM
7410 Jumbo gallon Potted 56 $40.00

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These trees were bought as a memorial to me and my husband's  mothers that we both lost last year. Thanks for some great trees...

Van Alstyne, TX
June 2018

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