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Redbud Trees

The Rising Sun™ New spring foliage

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Redbud Trees, growing facts and how to care for them.

Redbud (Cercis) is an exciting family of small to medium size flowering trees. Often seen along the highways of the southern states. Redbuds officially mark the beginning of spring with their unforgettable show of mostly purplish flowers. Redbuds can be grown as a landscape specimen trees or planted in mass to create a woodland effect. Redbud trees range in hardiness from zones 5-9 and prefer rocky well-draining, soils. Redbud trees are typically grow naturally as multi-trunk trees, but can also be trained into single stem trees. Normally grown in full sun, although some varieties with leaf color other than green, may leaf scorch when temperatures rise above 90s, so providing afternoon shade is beneficial.  We carry three different species of Cercis (Redbud) and 18 varieties to date. Each species has some unique traits that make it suited to different cultural conditions.

Cercis canadensis: commonly known as Eastern Redbud. This species grows between 15 and 30 ft tall and is the most commonly available. Several unique cultivars have been brought to market from within this species, Forest Pansy the first purple leaf variety is probably the most popular of them. Covey is the first weeping variety to come to market.

Cercis chinensis: known as Chinese Redbud is a much smaller species ranging at most up to 10 feet tall. Along with its smaller size, Chinese Redbuds have the most vibrant flower colors. Chinese Redbud wants to naturally grow as a shrubbier form with more suckers developing at the crown, creating a fuller plant. Avondale and Don Egolf steal the show every spring with their stems being completely covered with bright intense colored flowers.

Cercis texensis: categorized as a sub species of canadensis and responsible for bringing us Oklahoma Redbud and Texas White. Combine thick shiny leaves with rich dark purple flowers and you get Oklahoma Redbud. This seedling was discovered by Preston Warren of Oklahoma City and has been used as a benchmark to which all other Redbuds have been compared. Texensis varieties tolerate heat better than canadensis, because of their genetics.

A lot of breeding has recently been done and several fantastic new cultivars have been introduced. Garden Debuts® The Rising Sun™ emerges with yellow and orange new growth. Traveler™ and Covey are green leafed weepers and Ruby Falls™ is a new purple leafed weeper. If you are needed a small to medium size flowering tree, Redbuds are a very good choice. Sooner Plant Farm is proud to offer such a wide selection of this wonderful Species of tree, the Redbud Tree.

 Buying Redbud Trees online can be very rewarding. Sooner plant Farm offers over 20 varieties from 2 gallon size up to 7-gallon size plants. Redbuds can experience transplant shock when planted as a bare root tree and the main reason we only offer our trees as potted trees. Potted Redbud trees transplant extremely well and can be planted year round.


Cercis canadensis "Appalachian Red"
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Cercis canadensis "Covey"
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Cercis canadensis "JN"
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Cercis canadensis "NC-2015-12"
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Cercis canadensis "NC-2016-2"
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Cercis canadensis "Pink Heartbreaker"
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Cercis texensis "Oklahoma"
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