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Receiving and Planting a Dormant Plant From Sooner Plant Farm

If you happen to purchase a plant during the months of October through March, there's a good chance you will receive a dormant plant. Dormant plants and trees are plants that are in a resting stage, as opposed to a green growing stage that you see during warmer summer months.
Planting dormant plants is not much different than planting growing plants and in many cases is easier on the plants and causes less transplant shock.
If the plant or tree you receive is dormant the first thing to do is be sure the potted plant is well watered. Your plant can stay in the pot for a long time as long as you keep it watered when the soil becomes somewhat dry. Keep in mind plants without leaves do not need much water since it is the leaves that use the water in the transpiration process during photosynthesis. During the winter or dormant stage the soil only becomes dry because of evaporation.
When the desired location for your new plant or tree has been established the first thing to do is check for good drainage. Fill the hole with water and let it drain, then fill it again. It should be drained within a couple hours. If the hole still has water in it, you should find a better draining location.
Once you find a good location the hole should be no deeper than the depth of the soil ball on the plant and about twice as wide as the soil ball. If you are planting a plant or tree that requires dryer or very well draining soil you may want to dig the hole 1/2 the soil ball depth and then mound the soil up around the soil ball, be careful to not bury the tree trunk. Always water the plant in well to remove any air pockets. Mulch a 3 foot circle around the plant about 2-3 inches deep. This will help the soil retain moisture and help protects the roots from fast freezing and thawing. It is ok to fertilize in the fall if you use a temperature controlled time release fertilizer like the one we supply with our plants, it is called Polyon, another common slow temperature release type fertilizer, like Osmocote which is commonly sold in Garden Centers and box stores.
If possible I suggest you refrain from pruning in the fall, it is best to not encourage the plant to grow late in the season.
Fall is good time to plant as it gives the plant or tree time for roots to develop before the spring and new growth emerges.
If you need to prune, I suggest you wait until after the last freeze of the spring.
That's really about it; you should see a good flush of growth in the spring and summer.


I hope this help you with your new plant or tree from Sooner Plant Farm.


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