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Sooner Plant Farm Guarantee

Arrive Healthy Guarantee:

If you receive a plant that is damaged, we require that you notify us within 24 hours of delivery and send us pictures of the plants and state the problem or concern. We will promptly determine severity of damage and best direction to proceed. If we conclude the plants health has been compromised due to severity of damage, we will issue a store credit for 100% plant and shipping cost. You may reorder the same plant or a different plant of your choice online.


Arrive Healthy Extended Guarantee:

If a plant arrives and you have concerns regarding its health we require that you notify us within 24 hours of delivery and send us pictures of the plants and state, the problem or concern. We will promptly determine severity and best direction to proceed. If we conclude that the problem is a cosmetic issue and should not affect the overall health of the plant, we will request the plants to be planted and given additional time to recover. If we request that the plant should be planted, we will extend our 100% Arrive Healthy Guarantee to 60 days. If the reported plant dies within 60 days of delivery, notify us and send us a picture of the dead plant. We will issue a store credit for 100% plant and shipping cost. You may reorder the same plant or a different plant of your choice online.

**Arrival Only Guarantee**

Selected Plants which are identified with an Arrival Only Guarantee are covered under our Arrive Healthy Guarantee ONLY, as listed above, and are not covered by any other part of our guarantee.  


 NOTE: Minor leaf damage and minor broken non-structural branches or stems, although not cosmetically desirable, in most cases do not constitute immediate plant replacement. (The pruning and trimming of plants and trees is a normal and necessary process.

30-day Guarantee Details:

We guarantee each plant we sell for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery. In the event a plant you purchase from us fails to survive within 30 days of delivery and no 24-hour damage report has been filed we will issue a onetime store credit of 50% of the original amount paid for the plant, shipping costs are not refundable. NOTE: Store Credit will only be approved upon us receiving a picture of the dead plant.

Not True to Variety

If you discover within 365 days of delivery a plant purchased from us is not true to variety, send us a picture of the plant along with your order number and the reason you feel the plant is not true to variety. Once we confirm the plant is untrue, a claim will be processed, and we will issue a onetime only store credit for 100% of the original amount paid for the plant, plus any paid shipping cost originally paid for that plant.

Guarantee Overview

All claims will be issued in the form of store credit. No refunds or credits on any paid shipping or handling costs or other associated non-plant costs, i.e. hardgoods, accessories, etc. Store credits are valid for 90 days from issued date then expire. No cash, credit card, or PayPal refunds will be issued.

  • All store credits or refunds are based on original paid purchase price of plants, minus any order discounts. Store credits are valid for 90 days from issuance, then expire.
  • If a plant is damaged or if you have concerns regarding the plants health upon delivery, we require notification within 24 hours of its arrival. If there is damage to the box which resulted in damage to the product, send us pictures and retain the box and product until we receive instructions from carrier.
  • Pictures clearly detailing the damage, problem, or concern must be submitted to us through our online claim form or by email. No claims, credits, or refunds will be issued if an acceptable picture is not submitted.
  • If a 24- hour arrived damaged report has not been filed, we assume your plant(s) arrived in acceptable condition and your plants are covered by our 30-day 50% Guarantee. No other guarantees apply.

Guarantee Exceptions:

  • Plants shipped outside of our recommended shipping schedule are not covered by any part of our guarantee.
  • Plants that are planted outside of our published hardiness zone ratings are only guaranteed to arrive healthy, no other guarantees apply.
  • Plants left in growing containers, or repotted into another container are not guaranteed.
  • Plant guarantee claims are only valid to original purchaser, no third parties, i.e. landscapers or garden centers.
  • Plants damaged due to obvious neglect are not covered by any part of our guarantee. Examples of neglect include but are not limited to: failure to prepare for plant delivery, i.e., plants left in shipping boxes and failure to unbox plants in a timely manner, failure to water as needed, failure to plant in a suitable location per variety or species preferred requirements, failure to timely treat for insects or diseases, failure to notify us in a timely manner regarding a developing problem.
  • Due to the unpredictable severity of winter weather, we do not guarantee plants that do not survive the winter, or plants that fail to emerge in spring. We recommend planting 6-8 weeks before first average frost date, to allow plants to root in well and offer the best chance of winter survival.

If you have any questions regarding the terms and conditions of our guarantee, feel free to contact us we will be happy to discuss them with you.

Thank you and Great Growing

Sooner Plant Farm Management Staff

NOTE: Although each plant is inspected before shipping, there are times when a plant(s) may experience some shipping stress. This is almost always only a cosmetic issue and the plant(s) should recover quickly after planting. Yellow, and or brown leaves, leaf drop, or tip burn are typical symptoms that you could possibly see, but as stated previously, it is merely a cosmetic issue and will not affect the plant’s overall health. Please consult your planting instructions and remove any bad foliage and or lightly prune the plant and allow a minimum of 14-21 days for the plant(s) to recover and to start flushing new growth (light pruning encourages new growth). Because we know most plants will recover once planted, after reviewing a photo of the damaged or unhealthy plant(s), we may request you to plant it and give it some time to recover before we deem a replacement plant(s) be shipped. Should a replacement be necessary, Sooner Plant Farm will pay shipping costs on a plant(s) that have a damage report on file within 24 hours of delivery, for a period of one year from delivery.

Recommended Beginning and Ending Shipping Dates:
    Sooner Plant Farm recommends planting within these times to allow for late spring and early fall freezing temperatures. If you choose the option “SHIP AT THE BEST TIME FOR MY ZONE” at the time of checkout, we will follow the shipping chart below for optimum performance.

NOTE: When choosing the “SHIP NOW” option at the time of checkout will indicate to Sooner Plant Farm to ship your product on our next available shipping day, and will override these preset recommendations and void any guarantee on your shipment if shipped outside of these preset shipping windows.

2                  June 1st                       August 15th
3                  June 1st                       September 15th
4                  June 1st                       September 15th
5                  May 15th                      October 15th
6                  May 1st                        October 30th
7                  April 15th                     October 30th
8                  March 15th                   November 15th
9                  February 15th               December 15th
10                February 1st                 December 15th

NOTE: Sooner Plant Farm reserves the right to make changes to these policies in any form, written or otherwise, at any time.

Revised 10/25/2014

Revised 7/03/2014

Revised 08/18/17


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