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By purchasing from Sooner Plant Farm Inc., either via phone, email, website, or in person, you are agreeing to the terms, and conditions stated within this document.

In no circumstance, will Sooner Plant Farm Inc., or its employees be held responsible for any consequential damages or losses obtained or experienced using this website or by purchasing of any products from us, or through the processing of any personal information necessary for us to complete your purchase.


We will not be held responsible for overdraft fees, or any credit card or banking fees incurred by making a purchase with us.

All information obtained using this website, either from documents or images in any media form that are either provided by us or to us, are the property of Sooner Plant Farm Inc.. Pictures sent to us of plants, landscapes, gardens, etc. may be used by us for informational purposes without compensation to advertise our products. If used, we agree to not disclose any personal information regarding the origin of the image. All information and images used by Sooner Plant Farm Inc. are the sole property of Sooner Plant Farm Inc., unless otherwise stated. Any information obtained from us or through this website is not permissible without written approval by us.

Plant descriptions, plant images, charts, instructions, suggestions or other documents obtained from this site or from any Sooner Plant Farm Inc. employee or other means, is intended for informational purposes only and no guarantees are assumed or implied regarding accuracy of such information. Although we do not edit images to misrepresent a plant or product, image colors may vary due to photography and viewing equipment, as well as lighting and environmental conditions. Although we try to only offer accurate plant descriptions obtained from professional resources, it is impossible to guarantee growing characteristics in varying environments. We highly recommend researching multiple sources before purchasing any plant. Many plants are new to the industry and descriptions are only speculative.


By completing your purchase, you agree and accept these terms and conditions, our guarantee policies, our disclaimers and our waivers. You are also agreeing to not hold Sooner Plant Farm Inc. responsible for any direct, indirect, or consequential costs incurred above the original price paid to us for any plant that fails to survive, or product that does not perform as expected.

To avoid any misunderstandings, we highly encourage you to read our Guarantee, and our Read before Purchasing statement

If you have any questions regarding our guarantee or policies, feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss any of your concerns.


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