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Indoor Christmas Tree Care

Proper caring for your live indoor Christmas Tree is essential for your live tree to continue living and become part of your outdoor landscape for years to come. Here are some tips to help insure your tree remains healthy.

  • Monitor the soil moisture and water your tree regularly or as needed. The soil should remain moist but not soggy. Place your tree in a shallow drip pan is best, but be sure the pot has some small drainage holes in the bottom to allow any excess water to escape.
  • Be sure your tree is placed out of any direct air flows from furnaces or other heat sources.
  • Lightly misting your tree, a couple of times a day will help keep the needles from drying out as quickly
  • Moving your tree into a cooler location whenever possible will greatly increase its shelf life and the potential for transplanting into your outdoor landscape.
  • Planting your tree as soon as possible will also improve the success. Keeping in mind your local weather conditions. If your outdoor temperature is below freezing, storing your tree in a cool garage with natural light or in a unheated sunroom is best.


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