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High Level Plants

Sooner Plant Farm cares about your success with our products and services, and we feel obligated to help you make knowledgeable choices when purchasing plants for your garden.

Although most plants we offer are adaptable and survive well when planted in various growing conditions, some of the plants we offer require planting in specific growing conditions. Due to the difficulty of those specific plant varieties , we are only able to offer our Arrival Only Guarantee on those varieties.Such plants are noted on our site as "High Level Plant".

Please keep in mind these are not bad plants, in fact, most are highly desirable and when grown in a suitable environment, will thrive. We successfully grow many hard to grow varieties and have many very satisfied customers that have done well with plants tagged as "High Level Plant".

Note: We do Guarantee a "High Level Plant" to arrive to you healthy and of high quality, but do not offer a Guarantee of survival. As with all our plants, should you receive a plant that does not appear to be healthy or meet your expectations upon delivery, please contact us within 24 hours so we can note your order and take whatever steps necessary to remedy any problems and assure your confidence with us.

If you would like to discuss the special needs of a "High Level Plant" please contact us, we will be happy to help.

 To avoid any misunderstandings, we highly encourage you to read our Guarantee, and our disclaimers


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Awesome service! Thank you for the extra effort to ship my plants by the requested date!

Eliot, ME
November 2016

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