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Shrubs & Grasses

We offer our shrubs in many sizes starting from the traditional 1-gallon pot, typically sold in most garden centers and online. We call this our Eco gallon which hold approximately 2.5 quarts. This size is a good economic value for starter landscapes and gardens. We also sell a Jumbo gallon which holds 4.04 quarts approximately twice as much soil as our Eco pot.  One gallon shrubs are approximately 2 years old with well-developed tops.
Our most popular size shrub is the 3-gallon pot. Most plants are 3 years old and are generally 2 to 3 times as big as the 1-gallon size. This size is perfect for creating a landscape that looks established and blends well with other older landscaping, buildings and garden art.
We also offer 5 and 7 gallon sizes, these sizes are perfect for filling in where an existing plant has been removed or when the landscape needs the larger size plant to fit.


Your success with our plants is our number one goal. Perennials can be tricky, especially if you start with a small or poorly rooted plant. We know the larger the plants root system, the quicker it becomes established, and the sooner it can tolerate adverse conditions. Our perennials are massive well rooted plants, possibly the largest available online.

Shade & Flowering Trees

Our shade and flowering trees start off in a 2-gallon size pot. Trees are generally 3 years old and range from 3-5 ft tall. They have no or limited side branches. This is a good size tree for adding to an existing landscape. Some training may be necessary to develop a primary and secondary branching.

Our 5 and 7-gallon size trees are well developed both in root and branch structure. Depending on the variety secondary branching is already developed, and no further training is necessary. (Actual development varies per plant species). See our Planting and Care instructions for how to easily train your new tree.

Japanese Maple Trees

We are very proud of our Japanese Maple trees. Japanese Maples naturally have a smaller and more delicate root system because of this we grow them in a special root enhancement pot called a Root Pouch®. I love this species and old healthy trees are usually the focal point of any garden they are living in. For that reason, we want our customers to have the best species grown in the best possible way. Root enhancement means everything on Japanese Maples. Your tree will establish faster, grow faster, and tolerate adverse conditions better than non-root enhanced trees. When you see the Smart Pot tag next to our plants and trees, you can be sure you are getting a great product. To learn more about Japanese Maples, visit my All about Japanese Maples website.



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These plants are amazing-healthiest I have EVER received from online vendor---gorgeous--just planted last one this morning-- you should take pride in your product and service!!

Arcadia, IN
November 2016

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