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They make the perfect gift for the Special Gardeners in your life.

Gift Certificates are available for any dollar amount ($10.00 or above), and they allow the recipient to choose the gift they really desire. Gift Certificates are paid for immediately. An email notice including the Gift Certificate code and simple instructions will be sent to the recipients email address, along with links directly to our online store. A receipt will also be sent to your email address for your records. If you would like us to email you an actual certificate please contact us and we will be happy to do so.

Important If you would like to send a specific plant or item as a gift, please place a regular order online for the item(s). Enter the recipient's address as the shipping address and write in the comment box, This is a gift item. We will send the recipient a gift receipt w/o prices, a greeting card and the item. If it is not the appropriate time to ship live items, we will send a card and a certificate for that item, stating when we will be shipping to them, based on their zone.

Note: For accounting purposes Gift cards and certificates expire after 24 months.

Click HERE for instructions on how to use your gift certificate.

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I am very happy with the quality of my plants. Even tough the site stated container size, I was still surprised at the large size of the plants. So often plants are repotted from a smaller pot and sold as the next larger but the roots are not developed. Not so with your pots. A 1 gallon is a true 1 gal and so on.

Bixby, OK
November 2016

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