Winter watering basics

Just because winter temperatures are not as hot as summer, does not mean outdoor plants don’t need to be kept well watered. It is easy to forget about your outdoor plants during winter since we normally are not outside as much. However, some plants like evergreens can sustain serious injury or die if not kept watered. 

Unlike deciduous plants that shed their leaves in the winter, evergreens do not. Because the leaves or foliage of evergreens remain on the plant, the soil needs to be kept moist so the plants remain properly hydrated.

A simple way to think about this is, when the wind blows it sucks the moisture out of the foliage, as well as when the sun shines, and the winter air is normally drier which also adds to dehydration. If there is not enough moisture in the soil to keep the plant hydrated, the plant will suffer or die. This damage is not always visable until spring or summer when the plants start looking pale or you see dieback, by that time it is usually to late save the plant.

Evergreen plants include Pine trees, Arborvitae, Junipers, Cryptomeria, Hollies, and any plant that does not shed all its foliage in the winter months.

So, be sure that the soil around all your plants has moisture, and water if needed during the dormant months.  

Happy Holidays