Winter Protection

Now that old man winter is here, knowing you have done all you can to protect your plants is important.

Most of the nation is expecting major cold to set in this week, so here are a few tips to help protect your plants.

1. Be sure all your plants are well watered. This will help protect them from desiccation. Like unprotected food in a freezer, the cold dry air of winter will suck the moisture out of plants and can cause root and foliage cell damage. 

2. Evergreens which hold their foliage throughout the winter are highly susceptible to wind burn so keeping them well watered is crucial. Also protecting them from the wind with burlap wind fence or wrapping them with burlap is also recommended.

3. Avoid wrapping plants with plastic. Although plastic can protect against the wind, if it is in contact with the plant it will cause freeze damage. Burlap and cloth materials are best.

4. As soon as the temperatures are above freezing water them again, providing the soil has not received precipitation.