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Weigela florida 'Alexandra' PP10772 Plant propagation prohibited


Buy Wine & Roses® Weigela online. One of those fantastic plants that every garden must have. The dark burgundy-purple foliage along with intense rosy pink colored flowers has made this plant win several awards. The tubular flowers attract Hummingbirds and cut branches can be used in flower arrangements. This plant has a wide range of uses. It's an excellent choice for the mixed shrub / perennial border. Use it in combination with blue flowered plants like Perovskia or Caryopteris, or with yellow flowered plants like Coreopsis and Black Eyed Susan. When used in large masses the color impact is very impressive.


4-5 Feet


4-5 Feet

Hardiness Zone:


What's My Hardiness Zone?

Plant Characteristics

Bark Color*
  • Gray
Bark Type*
  • Smooth
  • Pennsylvania Gold Medal Award Winners
  • Proven Winners
Cultural Information*
  • Root Rot - High Resistance
  • Leaf Scorch - Moderate Resistance
  • Powdery Mildew - High Resistance
  • Leaf Spot - Moderate Resistance
Flower Color*
  • Pink
Flower Type*
  • Single Blooming
Growth Habit*
  • Compact Growing
Growth Rate*
  • Medium
Leaf Color Fall*
  • Burgundy/Crimson/Maroon
  • Red/Brilliant Red
Leaf Color Spring*
  • Burgundy/Crimson
  • Purple
Leaf Color Summer*
  • Burgundy/Crimson
  • Purple
Leaf Type*
  • Deciduous/Herbaceous
Nature Assets*
  • Attracts Bees
  • Deer Resistant
  • Attracts Butterflies
Plant Type*
  • Shrub
Preferred Planting Season*
  • Summer Planting
  • Spring Planting
  • Fall Planting
Preferred Soil Conditions*
  • Moist
  • Well-Drained
  • Adapts Well to Most Soil Types
  • Tolerates Low pH (Acidic Soils)
  • Average
  • Tolerates High pH (Alkaline Soils)
Propagation Methods*
  • Cuttings or Divisions
Season of Interest*
  • Late Summer/Early Autumn
  • Spring
  • Spring Flowering
  • Summer
  • Fall
  • Late Spring/Early Summer
Sun Exposure*
  • Prefers Full Sun in Northern States
  • Prefers Full Sun in Southern States
  • Border Plant
  • Wildlife Habitat
  • Accent Plant
  • Understory Planting
  • Near Water Gardens or Ponds
  • Mass Planting
  • Landscape Specimen
  • Under Power Lines

Homeowner Growing & Maintenance

Weigela is easy to grow and adapt to most conditions. Feed once a year with a slow release fertilizer. To give your plant the best start possible, we include free fertilizer with every order.

Interesting Notes

Use the Right Soil This variety of Weigela needs soil that is both extremely fertile and well drained. If you are planting your "Wine and Roses" Weigela in heavy or loamy soil you need to monitor its moisture content. You need to avoid water logging these soils, as it can lead to root and step rot. When Full Sun is the Best While the "Wine and Roses" Weigela can be grown in both partial shade and full sun, it is best to grow your Weigela in full sun in the northern areas. Morning sun afternoon shade is required for southern areas. This will encourage the plant to produce leaves and flowers with more vibrant colors, which will in turn be more effective for attracting butterflies and hummingbirds.