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Sooner Plant Farm offers and ships direct to your door, a wide variety of perennials, flowering and evergreen, as well as shade and sun. Most of our perennials are shipped in large 1 gallon size pot, possible the largest 1 gallon available online. This jumbo size pot allows for quick root establishment in your garden.
Perennials are plants that will come back year after year, opposite of annuals which only live one season. You can divide many of them after a couple years of growing and plant them in other locations or share them with your family and friends.
Use perennials randomly in your existing landscape or gardens, for scattered bursts of color, or create a brand new garden using just perennials. We have over 500 popular and rare perennial varieties available. Create a special Butterfly or Hummingbird Garden. Plant a new Shade or Sun Perennial Garden or plant shade perennials under existing trees or in shady areas. It doesn't matter what type of perennial garden you desire Sooner Plant Farm has all the right plants to make your perennial garden beautiful!

Fertilize once a year with a slow release Fertilizer like our Nutri-Pac for flowering plants.
Sooner Plant Farm ships large well rooted potted plants; in most cases we ship the largest perennial plants and pots in the business. We also offer an Unmatched Lifetime Guarantee
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I hope to order again in about 8 to 10 weeks when things cool down again in Kansas. The order I received completely exceeded my expectations.

July 2014

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