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Supplied Fertilizer and Hydro_Gels

Supplied Fertilizer and Hydro_Gels

Free Plant Care Products supplied with every Plant

Free Fertilizer

Sooner Plant Farm is committed to making your online plant purchase successful. We feel it is our duty to supply you with knowledge as well as the necessary supplies to keep your plant healthy and happy. One of the most important requirements to plant health is fertility. Like people, plants do not do well when they are starving for food. We are plant people, and we know the outcome between a plant that is properly fed and one that is lacking nourishment. Plants that are not properly fertilized will suffer in many ways. Loss of vigor, reduction in flower production, slow to recover from injuries, cannot fight off insects or diseases, and in many cases the plant will eventually die.

For these reasons we feel it is our responsibly to supply our customers with the necessary fertilizer to give each plant purchased from us a proper start in your garden. Every plant ordered from Sooner Plant Farm includes FREE, easy to use, slow release fertilizer packets to include while planting.  Easy to follow directions are included.

As a extra bonus, each plant shipped from Sooner Plant Farm includes water absorption Hydo-Gels. These gels are extremely important in aiding in the reduction of stress during shipping and transplanting, as well as making trapped moisture available, to the root zone of freshly transplanted plants and trees, and during times of drought and extreme heat.

Please keep in mind the attention to details that Sooner Plant Farm provides to our customers when purchasing plants online.

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We received our canyon creek abelia in perfect condition and on time. You were right....they are awesome plants. We will be ordering from you in the future. Thank you for a great product and great service

Panama City, FL
September 2014

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