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Fall is a great time to plant, but time is running out!

​Sooner Recommends these planting dates.

Zones 2-4      Taking Pre-orders for spring planting 2016
Zone 5           Plant now through October 15th
Zone 6 & 7    Plant now through October 30th
Zone 8           Plant now through November 15th
Zone 9 & 10  Plant now through December 15th

Amazing Fall Color

Amazing Fall Color

Seiryu Japanese Maple Tree

As it is called in Chinese culture translates to mean roughly Green Dragon or Holy Dragon.

small in stature, Huge in Color!

Japanese Maples Galore

Japanese Maples Galore

Add a Beautiful Japanese Maple to your Landscape or Garden

See our huge selection of Japanese Maple Trees over 50 varieties to choose from.

Best Plants Largest Selection

Best Plants Largest Selection

Not only do we take customer service seriously, We offer more brands than all the others combined. If your looking for the Best Plants at the Best Prices, and Knowledable Customer Service, Shop Sooner!

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Featured Plants from Sooner Plant Farm

Eleagnus x "Viveleg" Thumbnail

Eleagnus x "Viveleg"
Starting at $29.99

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Viburnum plicatum "Summer Snowflake" Thumbnail

Viburnum plicatum "Summer Snowflake"
Starting at $29.99

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Wisteria macrostachya "Blue Moon" Thumbnail

Wisteria macrostachya "Blue Moon"
Starting at $59.99

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Cedrus atlantica "Glauca" Thumbnail

Cedrus atlantica "Glauca"
Starting at $99.99

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