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Japanese Maple Trees produced by Cuttings

Japanese Maple trees can be produced by vegatative cuttings

Producing Japanese maple trees from vegetative cuttings is another method of propagation. Rooting cuttings of this species is not considered to be easy, but it is not an impossible task either. I have had good success rooting these varieties Bloodgood, Crimson Queen, Sango kaku, Ever Red and Butterfly. I plan to try more varieties in the near future. I have read that some varieties are almost impossible to root; I believe it is a timing issue. The cuttings that I have rooted have been taken in mid spring after the new wood has slightly hardened. I dipped the cuttings in a rooting hormone and stick them into a well drained soil mix. I like to bury one set of leaf nodes about one inch below the soil, and have two sets of leaves above the soil. I also wound one side of the cutting. I use an intermittent mist system to keep the cuttings from dehydrating. Roots are normally beginning to emerge 3 to4 weeks after sticking them. The cuttings I have rooted 3 years ago have grown off well, and are becoming very nice trees. One thing to consider, when rooting the weeping varieties of Japanese maple trees, is that the trees will have to be trained to grow upward, so tying and staking must be done. Most weeping Japanese maple trees are grafted or budded high up on stems of none weeping varieties. This will give a nice straight trunk, three or four feet above the ground before the weeping tree starts to grow downward. For information about Insects on Japanese Red Maples click here.


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