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Encore Azaleas

The Beauty of Reblooming Azaleas: Encore Azalea ®
More Than Just Spring Flowering Shrubs

Finally there is more to an Azalea than just a couple weeks of incredible blooms and only evergreen color to redeem the rest of the year. Now there are reblooming azaleas that provide weeks of colorful flowers throughout the year in repeated flush of blooms. Using Encore Azaleas in the Garden Encore Azaleas are unique because after the first flush of spring flowers the shrubs produce new shoots and new flowering buds. This new growth means new flowers during the summer and again sporadically throughout the fall months as well. Once winter frosts set in the blooming will stop but the evergreen foliage will remain attractive throughout the winter cold. Use Encore Azaleas where long flowering seasons will be appreciated, in mixed perennial borders, as part of foundation plantings in large masses of color or in large containers as accent specimens. Planting Encore Azaleas Plant your Encore Azaleas in a part sun area where they will receive at least 4-6 hours of sunlight but be protected from heat stress or drought conditions. It is recommended that gardeners mulch their azalea plants to help conserve water. Dig a planting hole twice as wide as it is deep and be sure to mix in plenty of organic material such as peat moss or compost. Caring for Encore Azaleas Gardeners should be sure to provide plenty of water during the first year while Azaleas are establishing themselves but after Encore Azaleas are well-established they only need regular watering during periods of drought like most landscape shrubs. Pruning Encore Azaleas should be done only as needed to maintain a pleasing shape or remove dead branches and is best done immediately following the first, spring flush of blooms. Encore Azalea Flower Color and Form There are several varieties of Encore Azaleas now and gardeners will find them in a variety of blooms colors and styles. Here are some of our favorites: Encore Azalea Autumn Rouge This azalea has classic red-pink blooms that are beautifully doubled in form and contrast nicely with the evergreen foliage. Autumn Royalty, Awarded the 'Azalea of the Year' by the American Rhododendron Society, the Autumn Royalty Encore Azalea has a beautiful rose colored, pink-purple flower with a trumpet like single flower. A larger shrub, this azalea grows to 4 ½ feet tall and wide. Autumn Coral This azalea blooms with soft coral flowers with single flowers and bright centers. A compact shrub that grows to only about 2 ½ feet tall, the Autumn Coral azalea is a great choice for small gardens and year-round color. Autumn Twist is a stunning specimen for adding interest to the garden space because the single flowers are bi-colored and have a beautiful appearance. The flowers are usually white with large purple streaks throughout and occasional sports display purple flowers making each shrub a unique work of art in the landscape. Autumn Chiffon Another bi-colored blooming azalea the 'Autumn Chiffon' Encore Azalea has large, single flowers that are light pink with darker pink colored centers. A beautiful landscape shrub for any garden border. Autumn Princess This Encore Azalea has 2" large blooms that are fully double, providing tons of color throughout the entire blooming season. 'Autumn Princess' also offer burgundy fall foliage and as an evergreen shrub, that gorgeous color will last throughout the entire winter as well making this azalea a great choice for landscaping and garden interest. Autumn Angel, A beautiful azalea with dark green foliage that contrasts nicely with the pure white flowers 'Autumn Angel' has to offer. Large, single flowers are 3" across making this a spectacular azalea for the garden. For a complete list of many different Encore Azaleas (Click here),


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