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Heucherella (Foamy Bells)

A genetic cross between two plant species that strive to bring the best of both, Heucheralla plants have the amazing foliage colors of Heuchera plants and the impressive flower stalks of the Tiarella plants.

Plant Highlight: Heucherella - Foamy Bells Botanical and Common Name: Heucherella are sometimes called foamy bells because they are a genetic cross between coral bells (Heuchera) and foam flowers (Tiarella). Hardiness Zones: Heucherella plants are hardy in zones 4-9. Bloom Time and Color: Foamy bells bloom in the spring time on tall flower stalks and usually have pink or cream colored flowers. Plant Category: Heucherella plants are shade tolerant perennials. Foliage: The wonderful thing about heucherellas is their stunning foliage. Heucherella foliage takes it lovely form from the parent Heuchera. Growth Habit: Heucherella plants form pleasing clumps of foliage from which rise the tall flower stalks. Dimensions: Foamy bells are usually fairly compact with the foliage clumps growing around 10" high and wide. Heucherella flower stalks can grow about 18" tall however. See specific heucherella cultivars for detailed information. Preferred Conditions: Heucherella generally prefers part shade and well-drained soil though heucherellas are often more sun tolerant than coral bells typically are. Maintenance: Divide heucherella plants every three to four years as needed. Winter mulch is appreciated, especially in areas with a freeze. Pests or Diseases: Heucherellas have no common pests or diseases. Propagation Methods: Since heucherella plants are a genetic hybrid between two similar species the only way to propagate true to the parent plant is through division. Companion Plants: Foamy bells make great companions to hostas, ferns, astilbes, coral bells, and other shade perennials. Consider planting heucherella as ground cover underneath a deciduous shrub such as a dogwood or beautyberry. Seasons of Interest: The foliage of heucherella plants provides year round interest and the flowers appear late spring to early summer. Uses in the Garden: Use heucherellas as alternative ground covers, edging plants, shade garden, foliage plants or accents in large containers to brighten shady areas. These perennial plants are also deer resistant making them useful in areas with high deer populations. Varieties and Cultivars: Heucherella 'Strike it Rich Gold' Bright green foliage and dark veins in the center of the deeply lobed leaves make this cultivar a great choice for eye-catching foliage. Combine with darker foliage plants like blue hostas for the greatest contrast.For more info click here. Heucherella 'Strike it Rich Pink Gem' - A beautiful plant with stunning, understated foliage that doesn't clash with anything. This heucherella has green leaves covered in silver with maroon tinges throughout making it a perfect companion plant for anything else. Foamy bells will tolerate full sun to full shade.For more info click here. Heucherella 'Stoplight' This heucherella has better foliage color than 'Sunspot', especially in the spring when the deep red leaf markings are the strongest. Likes more water than some and is a great choice for brightening a shady corner.For more info click here. This 'Plant Highlight' was written exclusively for Sooner Plant Farm by Angela England .To read more from this talented writer about other highlighted plants and interesting gardening stories click here. All copyrights reserved by Sooner Plant Farm. No reproduction of this article in whole or in part is allowed without the permission of Sooner Plant Farm.


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