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  Growing Tips

Japanese Maple Tree propagation,growing techniques, insects and diseases, soil mixes, pot sizes, sales, pricing and general information and care of Japanese Maple Trees

Seedling grown Japanese Maple Trees

Growing Japanese maple trees from seed is one of the most common methods of propagation.

Grafted Japanese Maple Trees

Grafting is the most popular method used to propagate hybrid varieties of Japanese maple trees

Japanese Maple Trees produced by Cuttings

Japanese Maple trees can be produced by vegatative cuttings

Insects affecting Japanese Maple Trees

Common Insects of Japanese maple trees

Diseases affecting Japanese Maple Trees.

Common diseases affecting Japanese maple trees

Sooner Plant Farm Seedling Japanese Red Maple Tree

Our seed source is a deep red and comes from the northeast United States, cold hardiness zone 4

Some Japanese red maple trees have green leaves?

Japanese red Maple leaves turn from red to green when the intensity of light is decreased.

Tips for Growing and Caring for Japanese Red Maple

Tips for growing Japanese Red Maple Trees from small pots from Sooner Plant Farm. Soil mix, fertilizers and pot sizes.

Japanese Maple Tree Care, Facts and Growing Tips

Japanese Maple Tree Care, Facts and Growing Tips

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Japanese Maple Tree Care, Facts and Growing Tips
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