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  About Our Trees

Imagine Backyard Trees® are Superior to Conventional Bare Root Trees Imagine Backyard Trees® are grown using state of the art growing techniques. The methods we use allow us to produce the healthiest trees available, guaranteeing your success. We focus on growing trees with well developed root systems. After all, how many times do you want to replant your tree because it dies of transplant shock? By using these techniques, we produce a tree that will not be shocked, stalled, weakened, or killed because of a poor root system.

Quick Growing Trees

Imagine Backyard Trees® become established quicker and grow faster producing beautiful specimen trees in a few short years. We start our trees using four different methods of propagation, depending on the species and/or variety.

  1. Collecting or purchasing seed that is of high quality and true to name
  2. Collecting and rooting proven sources of vegetative cuttings
  3. Grafting to produce plants with exceptionally vigorous and cold hardy root systems
  4. Purchasing tissue cultured plantlets for virus free plants

The Root of our Success

Imagine Backyard Trees® are grown using a special technique developed to greatly enhance the root system. By using this method we are able to eliminate transplant shock and maximize growth. Each tree is grown in a special pot. These pots are then set on a raised wire bench which allows the trees roots to grow downward in into the air below the bench. Since tender root tips cannot survive in the open air, the root tip dies. In a few days the root sprouts multiple new root tips several inches above the old root tip. Now there are multiple roots growing downward into the air which will soon be air pruned resulting in even more roots being formed. This repeats itself throughout the growing season causing hundreds or even thousands of root tips.

Each root tip is responsible for supplying the tree with water and nutrients. With more root tips, more food can be supplied to the tree. Imagine Backyard Trees��� will have a much greater survival rate and much faster growth than conventional field grown bare root trees.

Imagine Beautiful Trees in your Backyard

In most cases the trees we sell will become 2" caliper (width of trunk) in three to four years, sometimes quicker. The retail cost of a tree of this size, will vary between $100.00 and $300.00 depending on your location and the variety of tree. Another factor to consider is the planting of such a large tree can cost as much or more than tree itself.

A typical growth scheduled for Imagine Backyard Trees® would be:

Growth Rates 3 years
approximate size
retail value
5 years
approximate size
retail value
Fast 2"-3" caliper
height varies per variety
$150.00-$300.00 3"-8" caliper $500.00-$1500.00
Medium 1.5"-2.5" caliper
height varies per variety
$150.00-$300.00 2.5"-6" caliper $500.00-$1500.00
Slow 1"-2" caliper
height varies per variety
$150.00-$300.00 2."-4" caliper $500.00-$1500.00

Success after Shipment

After you receive your shipment from Sooner Plant Farm, please follow our planting instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us.


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You guys ROCK!!!! My pines are gorgeous and healthy. I will recommend you to any grower or landscaper. Great product. Great service. Great value!

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June 2018

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